Website Navigation: Tips, Examples and Best

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Rules for building navigation system for website A navigation system is a supporting tool for customers to easily navigate when accessing the business website. Therefore, this is really an extremely important factor that directly affects the success of the website. That is why in today’s article, Vanntechs Website Design in Montreal would like to share […]

How to present website design to attract customers

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The website has always been an important and sustainable foundation for every business. However, to have a beautiful website, attracting visitors to perform the actions that the seller wants is not easy. If you have set up a website – the face of the business, it is impossible to do it through a loud voice, […]

How to design websites that attract all customers

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Designing a website to introduce products helps stores and businesses effectively introduce and market products to customers while increasing sales quickly. In the era of the Internet and e-commerce boom like today, the need to introduce and market products to customers is considered an inevitable need of all business or manufacturing units, including website design. […]

Learn how to divide interfaces in web design

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Like web designers, we follow a lot of design models and layout principles: grid, vertical unity, F-Layout, Z-Layout, rule of thirds, golden ratios. If we pay attention to these principles we will have an intuitive and attractive website. Now let us look at the simple division of a website into two equal parts. While this […]

Common mistakes web designers make

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Mistakes to avoid when designing a website are not a bad thing. Sometimes just making a small mistake is enough to make the website become out of date compared to the time, not to bring into play all the benefits you want. So what do you need to do to make your website catch up […]

What language should be used to design a website?

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Why are there so many programming languages and technologies in programming? There are more than 20 programming languages in existence today and constantly evolving, so why do we need so many languages and not just a language like the “giant” Microsoft .NET has can handle all-stars. To explain this problem, please follow Vanntechs’s video to […]

What makes an effective website design?

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In the era of the digital technology boom, a sales website has become an indispensable thing for many entrepreneurs. The website allows customers to find you, understand the inspiration as well as the destination of the business. Customers can contact you, can buy, sell, exchange, evaluate products and services, complete all the transaction steps right […]

How much do web designers make?

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Digital design is becoming more and more important as there are more and more online businesses that require branded websites, logos, and social media sites. All of these elements could not be more great news for graphic designers and anyone working in the UX / UI field. Today, Vanntechs Web Design in Montreal will introduce […]

Is it hard to become a web designer?

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Although the web design profession is difficult but not difficult, although you have to spend many months studying and practicing, if you try hard enough to become a professional website designer, then come to the real working stage. It only takes a few days or even a few hours to earn a few hundred CAD, […]

How to Start an Online Business at Home

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An online home business is business activity based in your own home, attracting and interacting with customers through the website. Providing online services or using websites to promote products and skills are all attractive directions. They can help you earn extra income or start a career at a relatively low cost. Despite the many advantages, […]