Marketing plan for businesses when not relying on Facebook

More than 100 brands withdrawing themselves from Facebook. So, if you don’t advertise yourself on this platform, how could you communicate and spread your brand to your customers?

2020 could be the critical year for Facebook

Facebook has at least 8 millions advertisers and it stays on the top 100 platforms that have a lot of businesses spend money on advertising. At the moment, the hashtag #StopHateForProfit is evaluated not to affect negatively to Facebook’s revenue. However, no one can predict anything. If this campaign continues longer, then 2020 can be the critically difficult year for Facebook.

In fact, many brands reduce their advertising cost on social networks in common and in particularly Facebook before the pandemic occurs. Most businesses try to move themselves to other channels such as digital movie channels and communicate to their customers via their traditional methods such as emails, mobile apps…

If you don’t advertise yourself on Facebook, how could you communicate to your end users?

Coca cola – creates the marketing campaign approaching to social community

CocaCola is famous for their creative marketing campaigns such as “The CocaCola Happiness Machine”, Coke Zone, Tweet Your Chirstmas Wish… which take their customers to be their center, build the trust in their community.

For instance, in the Coke Zone campaign, Coca Cola creates their brand awareness by Television programs and advertising billboard, combining with their email/SMS to announce those win their prize and spreads their promotional news. As a result, within 2 months of their campaign, Coke Zone receives a large connection from their customers. The average time their users spend on their website accounts for 9 minutes, and the opening email ratio accounts for 29%, CTR 6%. For promotional events, the email opening ratio accounts for 49%, CTR accounts for 71%.

Clearly, if not advertising on Facebook, Coca Cola is able to attract and connect to their customers by different strategies.

Starbucks – brings them online to enhance their customer’s experience

For Starbucks, the success of their brand doesn’t rely on advertising but by their activities to enhance their customer’s experience.

Digital Flywheel is launched with promotions and attractive prizes, personalize the way to communicate with their customers, easy to make a payment and enhance the experience to buy online. In additional, the personalization feature helps Starbucks to boost their position and become the favourite drinks for many people.

Here, the personalization feature does not only to be able to call their customers by name, but also understand the journey and transactions that their customers use on their mobile app.

Hence, if not advertising on Facebook, Starbucks completely is good with their traditional channels built for their customers. Focusing on enhancing good experiences with their loyal customers instead of spending a lot of money on advertising to attract new customers could be the smart strategy, and contributes to their current success.

30 Shine – Builds their brand awareness through their website and their mobile application

Besides employing KOLs, publishing PR posts to traditional newspapers, the core in their success is to build their brand awareness through their website and their mobile application.

Customers can actively book their hair cut appointment, saves their waiting time – which used to be a not good experience in traditional hair salons. Collecting customers data and analyzing helps 30 Shine improves their management and gives some marketing decisions.

The managers nowadays can know which time period is the busiest period during the day to split their customers set into small group and attract more customers by promotional packages, manage staffs between outlets to save their human resources but also make sure their services are good to their customers.

So, how could your business do to advertise your brand in the most stable way?

If you couldn’t create your own campaign, learn from big players such as Coca Cola, use your email marketing strategy to spread your news to your existing customers. At least, you should move yourself to digital channel such as building your own website like 30 Shine, continue to collect and analyze your customers data, make a good marketing plan and build suitable advertising campaign to keep and attract new customers.

Therefore, besides Facebook which is the most popular advertising social networks nowadays, businesses have many other ways to build their brand awareness in a more affordable and stable way.

The quick catching up with technology, catching the marketing trend in your market, focusing on enhance your customer’s journey with your products will be core factors to make your business to be stable in the market.

Vanntechs Web Studio in Montreal is happy to assist you in building your digital channel – your Shopify e-commerce website so your potential customers can look for you and communicate with you. The website we build is always putting SEO – Search Engine Optimization technology in the heart so your website will be easily indexed and ranked higher in popular search engines. Why not call us and discuss your project today?

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