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How to increase your website traffic

If you ask a shop owner, business owner, or online seller what is their wish? The most common answer is “I want more customers.” One of the ways to get more customers is to increase website traffic. Here are instructions on how to increase traffic to your website.

Banner Showing Advertising with Bike Icon
Banner Showing Advertising with Bike Icon

Spending your money to run online ads is a fast option that promotes your traffic improvement for your website. This is very obvious, why don’t start here? Advertising on Google is extremely essential to attract visitors, to build your brand and get more clicks to your site.

However, when running ads, there must be a strategic adjustment so that the amount paid is consistent with the goal. Do you simply want to increase website traffic or get more successful customer transactions?

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Every campaign running website ads has its pros and cons, so think carefully about your goals. If you’re hoping that more traffic to your website will also increase sales, you’ll need to target highly commercially targeted keywords as part of a paid search strategy. Therefore, competition for these search terms can be fierce (and expensive), but profits can be valuable.

Using Social Network

Using Social Network to increase your website traffic
Using Social Network to increase your website traffic.

If you are confident that you are providing useful information on a certain issue in your life, you can post it on the website and share it with social networks.

With the increasingly open world like this, you can share your posts on Facebook (in groups, fan pages, or on your profile). Some other social networks used as media channels to promote your content are Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Besides that, LinkedIn works effectively, too.

Creative Content

Group of creative business people brainstorm for their content marketing.
Group of creative business people brainstorm for their content marketing.

There is no miracle formula for content marketing success. Try to change the length and format of your content to make it as engaging as possible for different types of readers. Shorter Intersperse, based on news blog posts with long content as well as: videos, textual information, and data items for maximum impact.

One of the most creative ways to develop content is to write short documents. The title is one of the most important parts of your content. Without a catchy title, even the most comprehensive blog post won’t be read unless you have the proper navigation, please think carefully about your subject line before you hit the “post” button.

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Pay attention to on-page SEO

Content is still a valuable factor in evaluating page position rankings on Google. Besides good content, you need to pay attention to make use of alt tags of images, describe well and accurately meta tags, optimize SEO to help you advertise without losing money.

Standard targeting long keywords

Key of success with notbook , briefcase , dollas and coffee.
Standard targeting long keywords

One of the important factors for good website traffic is that your article content must contain keywords. These keywords have a lot of monthly searches, and importantly, competition is at a moderated level. Let’s aim for long keywords, and don’t run many ads. The best keyword length is about 5 to 6 words. Because these keywords account for the majority of google searches.

Become a reputable blogger on forums

Trust word of wooden elements
Become a reputable blogger on forums

Make sure you post the highest quality articles on forums and social networks. Brand your site with the quality of content you display on forums. However, just post quality content articles in the right place, right group, avoid spam too much place.

Invite other websites, blogs to join on the site

Invite other website and blogs to join on the site.
Invite other website and blogs to join on the site.

Whether your content is being displayed in the form of a website or blog, WordPress, … it still needs multi-dimensional interaction. In addition to participating in other forums, you need to invite people to share and link to your site. You only need to consider selecting the blogs that lead to high quality because Google is looking to evaluate the quality of sites, especially for the link content.

Learn and improve referral traffic

Learn and improve referral traffic by blogs.
Learn and improve referral traffic by blogs.

Referral Traffic Indirect traffic of users to your website through external backlinks pointing to the site, without going through search engines.

Referral Traffic usually comes from websites that have links pointing to the main page such as satellite websites, blogs, forums, from social networking posts like Facebook, Twitter, from tracking code placed on other websites such as banner ads, to sue.
How to generate Referral Traffic: you can build satellite websites. Also, you should regularly filter the Referral Traffic from low-quality sites.

Post content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was born as a means of connecting work, recruiting personnel in open space. By posting content on LinkedIn, you not only increase traffic to your site but also improve your industry profile.

Create internal linking networks

The power of the site is not only built by how many pages link to you, but it is also affected by your internal links. When creating content, make sure that you make internal links with other posts. This not only creates content seamlessly but also provides a better, more useful experience for users and an invisible increase in website traffic.

Systematize content on the website

Many sites run articles on keywords with a lot of searches, so they don’t care about filtering the content of the articles that are suitable for their main topic. The arrangement of categories is reasonable, according to the system of Google search support, it is easy to find and index your website.

Developing a series of videos/interviews with industry leaders

For example, if your website is about Montessori education, don’t hesitate to email and schedule them to interview them with technical knowledge. When leaders/experts in an industry are willing to share on your site, not only will it increase the reputation of the page, it will also improve and increase website traffic.

Do not miss Email Marketing

Many businesses, shop owners, and online sellers just only focus on developing content but forget to market that content via email marketing. The successful email marketing boom led to a significant increase in website traffic. In addition, do not miss, through the power of word of mouth, a clever reminder to customers about the service you provide or want to introduce more directly to improve website traffic.

Optimizing the flexible display of the website

The rate of mobile users accessing the social network is increasingly “surpassing” and beating the rate of access from desktop or laptop. Let’s build different versions of the website so that users have a good experience of images and content on both smartphones or tablets.

Page loading speed guaranteed

Are you satisfied with the slow loading? Or are you comfortable waiting for a website to visit a certain page? Your unhappy mind is also the feeling of customers or readers if you do not guarantee the speed of your website download fast enough. To improve page loading speed, make sure your host is stable, the images are compressed before posting on your website, logical structure pages, and optimized plugins. Ensuring page load speed will improve website traffic based on CTR rating changes from google.

Building a community on Facebook

In addition to attracting direct visits to improve website traffic, you should consider building a community from other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
Building a community on your website is a great way to start a conversation and increase traffic to your website. Do not forget to manage the community by constantly updating useful information and there are specific regulations on posting and managing content on the community.

Seeding on quality website

You can seed the content of your article on quality sites by participating in replying to comments and comments. This does not immediately increase traffic, but it makes open suggestions for people thinking about your blog and website. Just remember, don’t put your link in the spam of unrelated websites.

Data mining from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable source of data on almost every aspect that can be gathered regarding your website from demographic related information about visitors to the website to the most visited links. In addition, you can see how, where, and when you access your website. Do not miss this useful information when advertising content or doing SEO offline.

Interaction on social networks

After participating in social networks, in addition to posting content, you need to create open discussion, increase interaction with followers on a certain topic. Do not forget to add hashtags to attract discussions.

Integrating videos into your content strategy

In addition to developing content on text, don’t overlook video content. According to a study, the same amount of information that is converted into an image or video is easier to receive and remember than a plain text.

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Learning from your competitors

If you have not used the software to research what competitors are doing, you will face great disadvantages. Using tools to provide an overview of topics and content will let you identify topics that are engaging readers, and most importantly, you can simulate that type of content and update it on your website to improve website traffic.
With the above effective website traffic increasing tips, Vanntechs Web Studio hopes you will improve the traffic to your website and get more potential customers.

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