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Website Design to introduce your business – Business Website Design

A business website design is to introduce about the business brand and business story. This is for small businesses, corporations or professionals want to introduce their services and products on the Internet. Our business website package is designed to display your services, introduce your brand and important information about your business. The website will include a contact form so your website visitors can contact you when needing.

Basic functionalities of business website designs

Main functionsDescription
User InterfaceYour website design will be built and personalized based on your industry and your brand.Colors will follow your instructions. Your website will display full menu items, banners with your products photos and your company’s logos.
Home pageWe will organize your site content with a harmonious structure. Your website’s banner, logo, and slogan of your company will be displayed nicely on the site. All information will be summarized on your homepage to attract your website visitor’s attention. Your website will be translated into French and English.
About Us/Our StoryThis page will introduce your company’s story. You can also introduce your industry and your services/products. You can display your recognized awards, your customer’s feedbacks, your visions/missions.
Services/ProductsYou can provide your customers with a detailed perspective of your offered products/services on this page. You can add a pricing packages table to the group and clarify your pricing. Beautiful photos and detailed descriptions are highly recommended on this page.
News/BlogsYou can post about your promotions, your hiring processes, your events… You can add photos to represent each news posted on this page. Your customers will be attracted to what is happening in your business, so they can understand more about your company and your brand.
Hiring pageThis page can display your hiring posts. You can describe your job posting, what is your perfect applicants.
Live chat widgetBesides a contact us page where you can display a contact form, and your website visitors can leave their information on your site, you can think about a live chat on the corner of a website. Your customers can click on the chat icon to chat with your operators.
Contact us and Your officeYou can display your company’s address and phone number on this page. Your website visitors can leave their message on your contact form. An email will be sent to your inbox. You can display a map where your office is physically located.

Pricing and Timeline

  • Price: Contact us to reveal our price
  • Timeline: we always finish our beta testing website within 5 days.

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