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Many people think that the article posted on the blog or e-commerce website is really just plain text. However, this view is not necessarily true.

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Content is a digital marketing article that will be presented by anything possible, in order to create favorable conditions for readers or to generate traffic to absorb all that the writer wants to convey. This means that all different types of content media such as plain text, video, graphics, etc. can be included in your marketing article.

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Great writing increases traffic to your website

To keep things high quality and catch the reader’s attention, you’ll want to create different types of products or services content to excite and engage readers to re-engage your writing through the forms like sharing, like, comment, help increase traffic to the site. Here are five different types of content you may need to apply right in your online marketing article for driving more traffic.

1. Feelings of a blog post

In Jonah Burger’s book “Why Things Catch On”, he explained that there are six main factors that make the article viral, and one of those six factors is emotion.

To get an audience to engage on a guest blog(such as sharing your content on social media), you need to make them feel something, be it positive or negative.

Take a look at the Views page on Vnexpress, most of the articles which bring readers a certain emotion, even though it is not presented vividly or attractive. Emotions are all forcing you to share.

To create an emotional, viral post, you will need to take a solid stance on an issue. This almost guarantees that you will receive opinions that agree and disagree with you. However, no matter what, it will get comments from both sides, share your posts, and answer questions.

2. Infographics

If you’ve ever visited the Pinterest photo-sharing website, you’ll see the infographic. They visually explain something easily so readers can understand the information most effectively and happily.

The cost of creating Infographics will depend on the quality and the presentation is complex or simple. Therefore, users can find themselves Infographics completely free or need to pay if you want a detailed and attractive description. If the article has an additional infographic section, it will be one of the best ways to direct readers to your site. Why is that? Because an infographic is completely shareable on many different social media platforms, like Pinterest and Tumblr.

Infographics not only have the potential to spread on social channels, but they are also used by bloggers to write new posts or support their existing posts. This can lead to increased traffic, and generate more links to your site (this is great for SEO).

All you need to do is research your data points and visualize how you want your infographic to be described. The remaining work will be done by the designer.

3. Create a list of small posts by subject

When reading an article, most people will not read the whole article from top to bottom but tend to only glance at the main headlines in the article. This way they can quickly read an article and feel how valuable the article is. If your article is really good, they will most likely share its great content.

So, for readers to understand and quickly feel your article, create a list of articles simple, concise. Start by selecting a topic and can be divided into several subtopics or sub-sections. Then choose a title for each section, search results, and start writing.

The basic formats for listing each article include:

♦ Introduction

♦ Ideas to present

♦ The conclusion

4. Case Studies

With the vast amount of content being produced daily or even hourly, they’re becoming chaotic, if not arranged in a certain way. Moreover, readers are now familiar with the trend of trusting supportive email marketing content or actual research.

Therefore, creating different cases will not only help increase traffic but also assert your position as a trusted information publisher in the news industry.

Most Case studies are done in a common format:

♦ Project summary

♦ The main problem you or your client is facing

♦ How to solve that problem

5. Instructions

Some popular websites and all YouTube channels in the world have one thing in common – they help solve target audience problems. Therefore, the creation of articles related to the guide content, practical tips, and tricks will always be appreciated. You can write this content through articles, videos, or graphic descriptions…

The main goal of this type of article is to create content marketing and landing pages that focus on identifying common problems that users are having. Then offer a fix through the steps for them to solve the problem.

As you can see, there is a wide range of content that we can write down in order to increase traffic to the site. Whether you are deciding to create an infographic or a list of tips, keep in mind important. All will need to be realistic and bring value to the reader. In the short term, they will be able to improve the problems themselves, by absorbing the google analytics of your article.

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