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11 steps from A to Z when designing a sales website

Are you starting an online business or want to build an online brand for your business? You want to design a bright website but have no experience and do not know what to do? Vanntechs Web Studio would like to introduce 11 steps from A to Z when designing the sales website below is a useful document for you!

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Online store website – Ecommerce website – Digital marketing

Step 1: Set up website format

How do you want to build your high-quality website? (online sales websites, e-commerce platforms, blogs, …) This will help you to stay on track in the website design process.

Step 2: Register the domain name

Research, choose the right domain name for the website, and register with domain name providers.

Step 3: Set goals

Statistics the things that you think are the most important and necessary for the website. Either you have a specific list or you can list the most basic and then add other elements in the website building process.

Step 4: List out website requirements

You need to know what the eCommerce business must have to meet the goals set to sell online in step 1:

  • How many websites should be built?
  • How much traffic is needed for websites?
  • The necessary utilities such as customer reviews, maps, online chat, …
  • Does the website need videos or audio files?
  • Does the website need to link to social networks or social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, G +, … or not?
  • Should the shopping cart be on the website?
  • Web design for mobile or other mobile devices
  • What tools should administrators have to make governance more effective?

Step 5: Decide who to implement

The next thing to do is you need to decide who will design the website. If your eCommerce store does not have a team specializing in programming and design. Then use the sales website design service of a reputable unit and good lead generation. With professional processes, they will help you build a more effective website for building trust

Step 6: Research and choose the designer

If you have chosen the option to find a website design unit, you need to research carefully the services of the units according to information on the internet or from colleagues. The selection of standard SEO web design units will make it easier for you to promote the website on search engines.

Step 7: Buy hosting

You can choose to buy hosting from a reputable unit. Or you can choose a website design unit that also provides hosting services.

Step 8: Point the domain name

After you’ve chosen to host your website on hosting or redirect your name to where the website is hosted.

Step 9: Building basic content

Content is essential and important. Create the minimum information on the website such as contact information, address, email address, phone number, introduction about your business, business sector, … Note: the website domain name may be Used to create a corporate branded email. Ask the companies that you have purchased the domain name or hosting company.

Step 10: Promote the website

Understand how users will find your website to promote the website in places that users can access such as search engines, banner ads, social networks, product video… to offer customers a great experience.

Step 11: Website development

After putting the website into operation, you should constantly explore and research to optimize and develop the website without slow loading so that users feel satisfied and comfortable when visiting your website. You should also develop content that is really useful for users. Those will be the factors that help your website attract more people to visit and return.

If you still have any questions about developing and designing a fashion website, designing a full-service restaurant website, or any other field, please leave a question to Tech5s, we will advise you more carefully. for you!

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