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7 goals when building informative or newspaper websites

Designing an informative or news website is not difficult. The load balancing system and the way of storing large data are the most difficult and challenging for the website’s owner.

On the other hand, being able to store large data requires experienced units, because it only needs one year of operation. Data bulging without a good solution will be completely passive in the data storage structure.

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Data storage structure

Based on our case studies about WordPress sites, the news about social media is often posted daily and it inflates very quickly in a short time. The structure of how the data is stored needs to be understood by the website designer so that when the data bulges over time you can fully control it.

With a news website, an electronic newspaper built at Digital Star, you can visualize image data and video … stored in the tree structure of YY / MM / DD / Data (Year / Month / Day / Data). And the archive structure is divided into categories, the database tables will be separated and automatically generated according to the topic you create. On the other hand, the mechanism of storing data divides the table if the data is larger than 20,000 messages automatically separates a new data table to avoid the content is too large and the querying capacity of the database (Database) still ensures speed. load level. On the other hand, the cache mechanism of the website’s core system greatly decides the loading speed of the website. So you should ask the unit to build an electronic newspaper website, news for you a clear and guaranteed solution.

Colors for news websites, electronic newspapers?

With our products and services to potential customers, choosing colors for the electronic newspaper is generally not difficult, needing a dominant color is enough. A simple example of how to use colors in website design is black for all content and a logo color for headlines, toolbars, and data blocks including blocks containing breaking news or news for website goals of small businesses.

The main content of the blog posts is still black and is arranged on a white background, the black content makes it easier for readers to access the content you want to convey. On the other hand, the data layout should use large fonts and white space between the paragraphs (Paragraphs) so a little more to the segment clearly for the reader.

Youtube Video channel embedded in article

Should create a video channel on Youtube if you do not have a different purpose, Youtube videos ensure relatively simple embedding into posts and access to social networks more quickly. In addition, it makes it easier for videos to reach users via the Google search engine itself because Google has begun to prioritize search results as Video on their search engine.

An electronic newspaper or news is an indispensable area for banner ads, revenue from banner ads is sometimes not small. You can embed Google advertising banners or your customers’ banners based on your email list.

One thing to note is that you should choose small positions and do not occupy too much area to read the user’s content so that users feel uncomfortable when reading this content offline. According to our conversion rate, banners should be on the right side with the width from 120px to 200px which is enough for many cases.

Rich content

Regarding calls to action, a news website needs to have several strong news topics and various auxiliary categories. Depending on the strength of each website of our web designers, how to create news topics should ensure the continuity of content. However, being an instant news site has to be rich so that users have many options when reading your content. Therefore, you should choose strong news topics but do not forget to add some sub-categories such as laughing with us or stories of the day … to create richness for your news site.

A new block at the top of the news website’s home page is always needed so you can present the latest content of your website on landing pages. On the other hand, you should use the main color in addition to the content black to show these blocks, which will help the eyes of the user will notice when you come to your online business site based on Google Analytics.

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Combine photos, videos … into the article

Content in addition to being beautiful, easy to read, good looking, and quality, it is necessary to have a clever combination of many elements of the image, video, or commenting tools on the content itself. Don’t forget a like or share button so users can instantly share what they’ve just read to their friends.

In order to build a news website, electronic newspaper works well, stable over time, in addition to content, it needs a good web hosting or server hosting solution and the technology of an electronic newspaper website is completely different, compared to a traditional website. So you need to consider the solution from the website design unit or contact us immediately for advice on the most professional electronic newspaper website design solutions.

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