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Website design introduces products that attract all customers

Designing an online eCommerce website introducing products will help your shops or your businesses to introduce and market your products effectively to your potential customers as well as boost sales quickly.

In the booming Internet, social media, and e-commerce era, introducing and marketing products to your potential customers is considered as the indispensable need of all business owners or manufacturers. Website design nowadays plays an important role in promoting products, brands, and improving sales for businesses. A website introducing products with a beautiful interface, rich content, and optimized SEO standards will not only impress and attract users to visit the website but also convert users to be customers with more sales. With our software engineers more than 7 years of experience in designing online sales websites and designing product introduction websites, Vanntechs Web Studio can meet all website design requirements of stores and businesses and aim at one solution: Effective website development method to increase sales quickly.

The outstanding benefits when designing product introduction websites

According to our case study, the product introduction website is a type of website that is suitable for shops, small and medium enterprises wishing to promote and introduce high-quality products and brands through online sales on the website. Therefore, this is the type of website selected by many stores and businesses at the present time in order to create a presence on the Internet environment, display and introduce products and services being provided to customers, from which customers can search and shop quickly on the website system.

Woman doing shopping online with digital tablet
Ecommerce websites help to display products and services visually and help customers conveniently and quickly purchase goods online for small businesses.

The benefit of a website that introduces products is the visual representation of products and services with images and full information content such as prices, manufacturers, components, or standards quality Thereby creating conditions to help customers make decisions to buy products and services of shops and businesses on the Internet for growing your business. In addition, with product introduction websites, stores and businesses can sell 24/7 anytime, anywhere, thereby opening up business opportunities and increasing outstanding sales. Besides, this is also an effective channel to care and interact with customers while saving the cost of renting space to display products and services. Therefore, product introduction website design is considered a popular website building package and is currently the most interested in many production and business units when selling online for a positive impression.

The features needed for product introduction website

With websites designed to introduce products, products, and services are considered as a key object to user experience in website design activities. Therefore, it is necessary to display products and services in an intuitive way with a beautiful and eye-catching interface so that customers can quickly search for information and select products and services for shopping. Therefore, the first requirement when designing a product introduction website is to show the appropriate product display features.

  • Display the product list by each type, each specific category.
  • Display a list of featured products or bestsellers in the system.
  • Display the latest product list in the system.
  • Display a list of related products in the system.
  • Display the list of promotional products in the system.
  • Display specific product images and product description information with the ability to zoom in / out the product image or view product at a glance.

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In addition to displaying the product list in an intuitive way and being able to customize the order of displaying products on the system, when designing a product introduction website, you need to administer the product quickly, i.e. stores. , businesses can quickly add/edit/delete products or product categories. In addition to displaying products and services in an intuitive way, convenient for customers, the product introduction website also needs product search and filtering features to help customers accessing the website to search for products. the fastest loading time.

  • Search for products by product name in different blog posts.
  • Search for products by product catalog.
  • Search for products by product price.
  • Search for products by product characteristics such as size, type, color, …

In addition, product display and product search/filtering, shopping cart, online payment, and online help are important features that are indispensable when designing a product introduction website. products for shops and businesses. Specifically include:

  • Quickly add products to the cart.
  • Delete products in the cart.
  • Pay for products through online payment systems such as Mastercard, Paypal, or credit cards.
  • Interactive online help answer customers’ questions quickly when buying or using products or services.

Designing a website to introduce products to boost revenue with Vanntechs Web Studio

With the capacity and long experience in website design activities and website design consultancy to introduce products and services to shops, businesses, digital agencies, Vanntechs Web believes that we can satisfy every customer by the advantages. Outperforming the design of an online sales website for the purpose of product introduction and targeting audience.

  1. Use the most advanced website design technology today
  • HTML5 layout design technology with CSS3.
  • Technologies for building platforms PHP, Bootstrap, Joomla, Opencart, …
  • The technology is compatible with all displays, from computers, tablet computers to smartphones.
  • High-level security technology against network attacks with high efficiency.
  • Technology to increase the optimal interface download speed according to international standards for potential customers.



  1. Fast deployment time to meet the commitments with customers.
  2. Convenient upgrade, a quick update of system features.
  3. Enthusiastic advice, answer questions and help customers online 24/7 and immediately when incidents occur.
  4. The intuitive and simple administration system helps customers to use it conveniently but always ensures high security.
Cheerful man browsing websites on his digital tablet
A product introduction website template with a beautiful interface and intuitive and scientific product display.
  1. Optimize SEO for search engines, especially Google, and design CRO standards to help your store and business interact effectively with popular social networks like Facebook, Youtube, or Google+.
  2. Website design costs introduce products at reasonable prices, competitive prices compared to other website design units on the market accompanied by superior quality.

If you are in need of designing an online sales website, recommending products, services, or introducing companies, please contact us immediately for more in-depth advice and solutions. Effective website design helps increase sales and attract customers.


Vanntechs Web Agency located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Customer care: +1-514-667-3676


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