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The process of building a professional eCommerce website

Today, with the continuous development of information technology and the internet has made a great step forward in the eCommerce industry. It can be said that online sales have gradually replaced the old business form which includes offline stores and particularly will become the dominant business form. Therefore, setting up an e-commerce website is no longer the luxurious investment, but becomes the commodity for all businesses. So, what is an eCommerce website, and what is the process for building an eCommerce website? Vanntechs Web Studio writes this article to summarize the process of building an eCommerce website.

What is e-commerce website?

The E-commerce website is an electronic information website on the Internet set up to serve the needs of trading goods or providing services of an individual, a business, or a large corporation. Here, you will perform all operations such as displaying goods, conducting trade to payment, and shipping.

Some world-famous commercial websites that you have heard and used in any of the transactions such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, .. in Vietnam, there are outstanding names such as Bestbuy, Shopify, …

The process of building an effective e-commerce website

Step 1: Format the website

You want to build your website will look like?

Answering this question will help you in the right direction during the website design process.

Step 2: Select and register a domain name

Find out, choose the right domain name for the website you want to design, and then register with the domain name provider.

Step 3: Define goals

People purchsing goods e-commerce online shopping
Selling online through eCommerce stores

List the things you think are most important and essential for your website. Or you can list the most basic and then add the following elements in the process of building an e-commerce online business.

Step 4: List the website requirements

You need to be able to answer the question outlined in step 1 to meet the established goal.

  • How many eCommerce sites do you need to build?
  • What is the minimum storage capacity for the website?
  • The necessary external utilities such as customer reviews, directions map, online chat, email marketing, payment process, social media, shopping cart …
  • Does your website need to integrate video, audio files, or product images on your eCommerce platforms?
  • Is it necessary to link to social networks: Facebook, G +, … or not?
  • What tools help administrators work more effectively.

Step 5: Select the implementer

You need to choose who will design the website. In case your business does not have a team specializing in programming and designing, you will use the e-commerce website design service of a reputable unit. With professional eCommerce website design processes, they will help you build a more effective website.

Step 6: Select a website designer

When you choose a website design unit, you need to understand the services of reputable units. One suggestion for you is to choose standard SEO website design units that will help you better promote your website on search engines.

Step 7: Buy hosting (storage capacity)

You can choose to buy the storage capacity of a reputable unit or you can choose a unit that both designs websites and offers hosting services.

Web Design Template Copy Space Concept
eCommerce website builder

Step 8: Point the domain name

Then redirect the domain name you choose to the website hosting to create your eCommerce business.

Step 9: Develop the basic content

Content with a good idea for the website is extremely necessary and important. It creates the minimum information on the website such as an address, email address, phone number, introduction to your business, business sector, …

Step 10: Promote the website to the target audience

Find out how users will find your website to promote your website in places that users can access such as search engine optimization, social networks, product pages, product descriptions …

Step 11: Website development

After you have put an e-commerce website into operation, you should continue to learn and research to optimize and develop the website so that users feel satisfied and comfortable when visiting your website. You should also develop content that is really useful and appropriate for users. Those will be the factors that help your website attract more people to visit and return by a great bottom line content.

Above is the process of building an e-commerce website. We hope this article will be helpful to you.

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