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Website design of interior decoration Professional and SEO Standard

Website design professional interior decoration

Beauty is something people always aim for and look for anytime and anywhere, so the demand for art is increasing. Referring to Interior Website, we understand that the website must be created with a deep style color combined with a professionally structured navigation system, elegant fonts, and attractive images.

Recent surveys show that 68% of customers value businesses and merchants through their website design. When you come to Vanntechs Web Studio Canada, you will immediately have an interior website. It attracts visitor attention, is easy to navigate, professional, conveys business credibility, and provides visitors with information about your business and products.

Approaching potential clients by digital marketing
Approaching potential clients by digital marketing

Benefits of customers when using interior design website package at Vanntechs Web Studio in Montreal.

  • Website designed on-demand with a beautiful interface, elegant, simple, friendly presentation consistent with the logo, corporate brand with positive reviews
  • Integrating local SEO, SEO optimization right from the design stage (optimizing keywords on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing …) helps your interior decoration website quickly reach the top 1 Google search results
  • Website integrated standard mobile interface attracts website visitors by an interesting blog post
  • Support sales features, order like a professional sales website
  • Set up online support features through social media such as Live Chat, Facebook Message, Skype, …
  • The content marketing of the website can display multiple languages ​​such as English, French, …
  • Product management system, product catalog, easy product details, and many outstanding features such as price comparison, product arrangement, … convenience for administrators and maximum support for customers goods when choosing products
  • The website is hand code, clean code, completely confidential in the United States, and Canada.

What is important to have with your interior website?

  • One of the most important factors to create a good interior website design is the ability to make good use of the functions. First, it should be user friendly and easy to use the website.
  • Interior website design must use images really well. Use beautiful full-screen background images and even videos to create an emotional connection. The product images must be clear and fit all sizes.
  • A good interior website design needs to be clear and easy to navigate. The products will be listed with terms (furniture items) that visitors will understand. If possible, websites should use a filtering system that gives customers the best chance of finding what they want.

Website design of interior pages with functions

1. Home page: Nice layout, animations, flash .. Shows items inside website and features

  • High-quality logo design, professional flash banner
  • Harmonious interface web design, eye-catching onlookers
  • Design a website locally scientifically and logically
Interior design business on Google My Business
Interior design business on Google My Business

2. Introduction page: Update product introduction information, dynamic programming to create more subheadings and update information for each subheading.

  • History begins
  • About the logo, banner, slogan of the website
  • Introducing facilities
  • The scale of production and business
  • Other introduction

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3. Service Page: is the function of updating articles about the company’s interior services such as furniture, office tables and chairs, meeting room furniture, seminars … This module can create and edit articles. That easily.

  • Sub-pages about products such as office furniture and furnishings
  • Furniture for schools and hospitals
  • Manager Office’s furniture
  • Interior meeting rooms, conference rooms
  • Other interior service packages

4. News Page: A function to update news daily, Help webmasters easily update news. Information is organized by date, subject, new information, etc. Pre and post-publication information must be categorized and stored for publication as well as search and reference materials.

  • Company news
  • Notice of company
  • Add another submenu group

5. Project page: A function of presenting details of projects that the company has implemented and is implementing … This module can add and remove content and images of the project in the most convenient way.

  • Information page about the projects that have been implemented
  • Information page on current projects

6. Recruitment page: is the function of posting articles, editing information about recruiting positions of the company.

7. Photo library: A function of introducing photo albums about room activities, photos of exchanges with other units … Allows updating and displaying images in the form of albums, beautiful interface, easy to manage physically.

  • Display pictures of the company’s activities.
  • Images of exchange activities with other companies and organizations.
  • Photos of exchange and exchange programs with the same industry units.
  • Photos of other activity programs.

8. Search: Searching for content and information on the website … Helping visitors easily search for information on the website …

  • Search by keyword to get the results listed.
  • Some other search criteria.

9. Website Links: Help webmasters easily create links from headings on the website to other headlines or to other websites.

10. Contact: is the contact function of the visitor when he/she needs to contact the website’s administrator and the room

11. Date system: Management system of all content on the website: in addition to designing the external display, the entire internal content management system is built accordingly to help administrators implement. Administration work 1 convenient, simple, and fast.

In addition to the above-suggested modules, customers can choose to change the name or add additional modules.

Cost for interior design website package at Vanntechs Web Studio

In business revenue and profit are two important issues that people are always interested in so in addition to the quality of services,

  • How does the service cost?
  • Is it reasonable?

When you choose Vanntechs Web Studio, you will not have to think much about it anymore because Vanntechs Web will not only provide you with a reputable, professional, affordable interior decoration website depending on the function. feature-request but can also help you optimize the keyword to the front page of google. With extremely easy-to-use administration tools to add or edit content for the website, customers only pay when really satisfied in our design industry.

Note: Above is just a suggestion, you may have your own ideas and requirements, please contact us directly.

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