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How to take care of your website

I. What is the purpose of website maintenance services?

The most common answer is, of course, for business purposes.

However, many businesses and individuals still do not understand the purpose and they wonder should they take care of their website or not and who will help them. At Vanntechs Web Studio in Montreal, we provide professional website care services to be on top of the search engines using search engine optimization tools. And we can look back on the facts as follows:

1. For business people:

Some businesses, individuals, and businesses that traditionally do not need a website, because their way of selling through the phone, selling goods at display shops …
With the current technological development, most people have understood and want to have a website as another business space to save costs, reach customers faster without having to wait for them to come to a new business location. Know your products and services without any broken links.

Maintaining websites is important to business owners
Maintaining websites is important to business owners

2. On the side of providers of consultancy services, website design, online marketing:

Some web maintenance services themselves are not clear about the price or process to make a website, and how to make a website professionally.
Because the problem of product is difficult to shape due to the use of gray matter, there are websites with the cost of 200 CAD that are also used temporarily, there are 1200 CAD websites that use nothing … This depends on the “Choose the gold deposit” of customers, depending on the understanding and interaction of customers. So hard for the user.
Currently, there are quite a lot of relatively professional services with rental packages such as caravan, packages designed for users according to functions and needs such as Vanntechs Web Agency … Thus, it is easy for customers to choose easier. However, many customers still do not understand what they need on a website to serve business purposes effectively, how much is reasonable.

So should we care content management website or not? Website care should look like? And what is the reasonable cost?

The answer that comes from our web developers is as follows:

3.1 Basic elements required for business.

Firstly, businesses, individuals, and business households are required to use at least one online business channel with weekly software updates (such as Facebook, Instagram, Website, large E-commerce sites for posting news, booths, forums). purchase…).

3.2 Top effective online sales channels.

According to the statistics of long-term effective online sales channels (calculating the overall rate of sales activities in Canada) of the second half of 2019 as follows:

Top 1 Facebook channel.

  • Currently, using Facebook for fast and odd business is the number one priority solution for stores, of course, because nowadays most people in the world have a Facebook account.
  • In Canada alone, more than 10 million people are continuing to grow, accounting for more than 75% of internet users.
Regularly checking your security updates to approach more potential customers
Regularly checking your security updates to approach more potential customers

Top 2 Twitter channel.

  • The use of Twitter for retail business today is no stranger to people, easily sharing product images and chatting, making free calls is a strength.
  • Especially with more than 10 million users in the average age of 18-30 years old, fashion, beauty, health, catering services are the right needs …

Top 3 Channel Website.

  • In fact, the website is still great potential and proactive anytime, anywhere because it is owned by individuals, managed by the business, avoiding the account lockout when using free services.
  • A qualified professional website is still the best sales channel for businesses, individuals, organizations, and business households.
Social media addiction
Staying on top with Social media

Top 4 Instagram channels.

  • Many people are startled because there are both Instagrams here, but it is inevitable that Instagram is a new, powerful, and professional social channel for editing and sharing photos.
  • Just launched in 2010, but has more than 300 million users is the best proof for the business through this channel in the near future.

Top 5 E-commerce channels.

  • At present, E-commerce channels for posting news and posting booths are no longer strange to Canadian people.
  • The advertising (Marketing Online) on 1 channel helps reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of delivery, the ability to reach users … This channel is getting stronger day by day and can continue to be more competitive.

Top 6 potential channels.

In addition to the main channels currently available, there are some such as Youtube, new social channels, free applications for users … are all potential channels.

In Conclusion.

The above content is only a summary of the sales industry, but what about the service industry? Of course, the majority is still based on the solution, the reputation, and especially the strong approach to customers via the website via Facebook, Google, other search browsers: Coc Coc, Bing …

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II. So to sum it up, we have the following answer.

Checking your website is still the most important for a business, knowing how to combine the website with additional channels such as Fanpage Ads, Google Ads, SEO Standard Website for the right industry search results (SEO), to build a brand. Prestige brand and solid sales system.

III. In order for a website to be effective, we must comply with the following conditions.

  • The website must ensure source code does not contain malicious code.
  • Do not copy other website’s source code and contain their proprietary code content.
  • The website must meet SEO standards, Google’s page speed is good and compatible with mobile devices.
  • Do not copy the content of other websites that Google has indexed. Must compile standard content for users and standards for good google
  • Regularly update the content, the image has a constructive effect for increasing information sources, the right industry content, and related tutorials.
  • Know the tricks, the ways to make the website better, and rank related keywords.
  • Regularly update features and improve the website according to the times and the common standards.

IV. To be so, we have to do?

  • Use the website care service of professional units, or take care of the website yourself if you are hard to learn and have enough time. Because this requires articles, images must be standard for both users and for artificial intelligence (search like Google, Bing, Yandex …)
  • Cost of online advertising (Digital Marketing), choosing the right ads and suitable channels: for example, fashion and food sales on Facebook and Instagram channels. The service is on Google Adwords, ADS …

These are the private sharing of Vanntechs Web Studio to beloved readers. Thank you for your interest!

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