What language should be used to design a website?

Why are there so many programming languages and technologies in programming?

There are more than 20 programming languages in existence today and constantly evolving, so why do we need so many languages and not just a language like the “giant” Microsoft .NET has can handle all-stars. To explain this problem, please follow Vanntechs’s video to understand more about what programming languages need to use to design the web.

The article tries to use the most ordinary languages so that the biggest purpose is to answer the question that Vanntechs Website Design in Montreal gets very often. One question is deeply related to the software programming industry and the askers are people who are not programmers. Business owners, technology startup owners, business managers, or so on … “What language to use to make websites or make software and why.” “I see in the newspaper that this language is a new life if it is better, should I use it?”.

Should website design in the best language?

1. PHP language

This is a popular programming language among website developers, with nearly one-third of websites worldwide using PHP’s platform, including the giants built with PHP such as Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, … Currently, PHP programmers are quite a lot of companies, it shows that the demand for PHP jobs is increasing.

Hypertext markup language with scripting language works in web servers
Hypertext markup language with scripting language works in web servers


  • Use open-source (can run on Apache or IIS) and is stable so installation is simple and free – businesses will save a large amount of money compared to using other languages.
  • More popular than ASP (can be seen based on the number of websites using PHP).
  • Easy to learn when you know HTML, C. Based on XAMP (easy to configure). Many CMS systems are free to use.
  • Paired with MySQL. On the other hand, when using PHP to develop website and web applications, your website is very flexible, responsive, and interactive very well.


  • The source code is not beautiful
  • Only runs on the Web application.

2. Python programming language

Python was born in 1989, up to now it has been more than 20 years, but only in the past 5 years, Python has gradually become known to many people and today the community using this language is very large, if Comparing from the 2017 programming languages ​​ranking, Python ranks 5th in the top 10 most popular languages.


  • Have a clean form, clear structure, and short syntax.
  • Available on all operating systems from UNIX, MS-DOS, Mac OS, Windows and Linux, and other OS under the Unix family.
  • Strong compatibility with Unix, hardware, third-party software with huge library (400 million users) With its extremely fast processing speed, Python can create programs from microscopic scripts to extremely large software like Blender 3D.


  • There are no attributes like: protected, private or public
  • No loop do… while and switch… .case. Although Python’s processing speed is faster than PHP, it’s not in Java and C ++.

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3. Java programming language

Invented in 1991 by Oracle, Java is currently the most popular language in the world and is also one of the highest paying programming languages ​​used by 9 million developers and running over 7 billion devices. device globally is an important platform for writing apps for Android and much other business software.

Java is at number 1 in the TIOBE programming community, accounting for a total of 20.79% on the top 50 programming languages ​​and it has gone up to 63% on GitHub with a number of download requests in twelve last month. Java’s notable difference is to compile the source code into bytecode, while another language is compiling source code languages ​​into machine code.

Web page combined with graphic design can attract customers
Web page combined with graphic design can attract customers


  • Use open-source (can run on Apache or IIS), clear source code, separate from the HTML interface.
  • Runs slower than PHP & ASP.NET but can be improved with hardware
  • Visual Studio can generate code, save time writing code.
  • Easy to learn when you know HTML, C +. Can use PHP, Ruby… to GUI. Based on XAMP + Tomcat plugin (easy to configure).
  • Pair Oracle.
  • Works on Linux, possibly on IIS – Windows.
  • If there is no Java Studio, use Eclipse, NetBeans … to write code.

Compatible with all platforms, safe, powerful, and has a coherent and clear syntax.


  • The speed is a bit slow but acceptable.
  • Config many, easy to do begin … Between PHP and .NET

4. Javascript programming language

JavaScript is also needed in the top popular web programming languages. The name sounds the same, but there is no relationship between JavaScript and Java. There are quite a few modern websites out there today that run on JavaScript.

When running JavaScript in a browser you don’t need to download any other software. You only need a word editor and a web browser. This is a very accessible language for those who are new to the profession. Currently, Javascript jobs are also very popular in many businesses like today.

Web marketing and web development languages are important to web designers
Web marketing and web development languages are important to web designers


  • Completely free and easy to learn.
  • Design independent of the operating system. It can run on any operating system with a JavaScript-enabled browser.
  • Easy to interact, control, and avoid processing from the server-side.
  • Mastering JavaScript knowledge now is very useful for you later to be able to absorb new technologies that are encapsulated in languages ​​such as Ajax, Atlas….


JavaScript does not have its own compiler but is interpreted and run by the browser that supports it. Therefore, if the browser does not support, or does not enable JavaScript, it will not run.

  • Can make your web application more burdensome.
  • Poor security. Inability to hide code.

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5. C ++ programming language

C ++ has a history of over 30 years, it is an object-oriented programming language built on the “ancestor” of C, C ++ is really popular with developers around the globe. There are many applications written in C ++, such as Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, Photoshop, PDFReader…. and classic titles like AOE, Counter-Strike, or Call Of Duty …


  • Use everywhere and inherit the traditional strengths of C language such as flexibility, compatibility with hardware devices. It is a very powerful object-oriented programming language.
  • Easy to move to another platform if the principles of C ++ are respected. C ++ is a language with few keywords, facilitating learning and using. With a module structure, it is possible to use subroutines as functions many times. There are many libraries available for adding functionality.


  • Quite difficult to learn. The program runs slower than the program in C.
  • Interaction with C should limit its possibilities


With the above basic knowledge, Vanntechs Website Design in Montreal has helped you to orient and understand how to design websites in a suitable and effective language for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Hopefully, the above article will help you have more useful knowledge, help you apply to choose the most suitable web programming language. If you are in need of website design as required in any field, please contact us to get the best advice and quality, professional services that we provide.

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