Common mistakes web designers make

Mistakes to avoid when designing a website are not a bad thing. Sometimes just making a small mistake is enough to make the website become out of date compared to the time, not to bring into play all the benefits you want. So what do you need to do to make your website catch up with the new trend?

Today, Vanntechs Website Design in Montreal will introduce to you common mistakes web designers make. Take a look at some, you will know what you need to avoid when building a website!

Mistakes to avoid when designing website

1. Avoid overusing social sharing buttons

When designing business websites, selling products of all kinds such as web designers selling clothes, cosmetics, drugs, … programmers often add more features to decorate the website beautifully and attractively. One of them is adding a bunch of social sharing buttons. Undeniably, social networking is growing and it is almost an indispensable part of human life today.

Grasping that, many individuals and businesses have taken advantage of social networks as a communication channel, effectively promoting the brand, bringing great success. For a website, if you want to attract the most traffic, there is no better suggestion than adding buttons to the social network.

Digital marketing, web marketing for online stores are important for web development
Digital marketing, web marketing for online stores are important for web development

However, it is true that what is too much is not good. The misuse of social media buttons on a website too much will definitely make your site more confusing, it has no clear focus. Instead, experts recommend focusing on only a few of the most popular social networks today. This way will help the website meet the neat requirements, and also limit the confusion for users.

2. Don’t use too many fonts for a website

One is to use the font because it will bring maximum visualization to the user for maximum convenience. Similar to the above, if you overuse too many fonts for a website, it will also backfire. Many designers or users love the design of each section using a different font, which shows their thinking and creativity. However, in fact, it does not bring good results and is not suitable for most of today’s website design patterns.

Suggestions that are considered the most appropriate and effective is that you use shorten the number of words when conveying information. At the same time, limit using too many different fonts. If you talk to a professional designer, they will definitely give reasonable advice, the number of fonts for the whole website is only 2 to 3 fonts only.

3. Too much information in a cramped Sidebar

Besides, providing adequate information is also the key to bringing professionalism. You want to create a sidebar for your website, so please consider it carefully. Ask questions such as: Does it meet real needs? What function does it present?

According to experts, the sidebar is not really an important element in web design. If you include it on your website, it is indeed a very unwise choice. In any case, it’s best to skip the sidebar.

Web page design and internet marketing can combine with each other
Web page design and internet marketing can combine with each other

It is expected that the sidebar will no longer be used in the future. So, do not let this one mistake make your effort to build a beautiful website overflow and fall.

4. Flash Video introduces the website

Anyone wants to make their website stand out and more and more people know it. so insert Flash Video as an intro. However, when using flash video with mobile-friendly features for the purpose of introducing the website, it will take a lot of time to load.

And in today’s hustle and bustle of life, few can wait a long time to load the website. That’s why the flash video event will be forgotten in no time.

5. The form is too long to crawl

Customers do not have much time to wait for the website to load, even more, can not sit in front of the computer to fill in a series of lengthy and cumbersome information. The smartest solution is that businesses collect information using extremely simple forms, gathering necessary information, such as you can ask for a phone number, name, address. email…

6. Your website design does not reflect your brand

You have a good idea when designing a splash website, the design looks like a slick all over your homepage. Definitely it’s artistic, novel, and draws a crowd if you’ve got an art display on the sidewalk. People will stop and look at it, but they won’t know what it means and the user experiences don’t really care.

How to fix brand targeting: hire a professional website design service to design a simple, concise logo design website and make every element stick to and reflect your brand. Graphic design is the most powerful element on your website. To make the first effect, you need to make an impact. Work with a professional web designer to paint a corporate picture that sticks to your brand and resonates with your audience.

Being professional is not difficult, but it is not easy either. The best way is that you should avoid making the above mistakes, make sure to bring a beautiful website, meeting the requirements that you have set out. Good luck!!!

If you still have questions about search engine optimization, design development, web design mistakes, please contact Vanntechs Web Design today!

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