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Website Navigation: Tips, Examples and Best

Rules for building navigation system for website

A navigation system is a supporting tool for customers to easily navigate when accessing the business website. Therefore, this is really an extremely important factor that directly affects the success of the website. That is why in today’s article, Vanntechs Website Design in Montreal would like to share the most basic rules when building navigation systems for e-commerce websites.

1. The menu is clear

Although your website’s interface is beautiful and attractive, but it cannot support customers well in the process of using it, it is impossible to keep them in a website. Therefore, navigation plays a very important role in deciding the effectiveness of a website. And the menu is considered the most important element in your website navigation system.

Therefore, when designing a website, you should note that the menu design is professional and clear so that customers can easily recognize its position when visiting the website. With a standard navigation menu bar, you not only give users the feeling of comfort when using the website but also make your website more professional and impressive.

Graphic design, web marketing, content marketing can improve user experience
Graphic design, web marketing, content marketing can improve user experience

2. Consensus

Consistency in website navigation is the consistency between website layout, color, and appearance of details such as buttons or icons … This not only saves money for your website but also helps Your customers quickly grasp how the website moves. So when designing a website for businesses, you need to build a consistent layout throughout the website to give customers a comfortable feeling when visiting the website.

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3. Focus on the key factors

With a website with too many categories and can not be displayed on the normal navigation menu bar, you need to find some measures to support your website. One of the most popular methods for designers is to create a hidden menu so that all categories can be displayed without affecting the website layout and space. In addition, you can also have two main and sub-menus to attract customers to more important categories, but not to miss out on other products.

Above are a few of the most basic rules when building navigation systems for e-commerce websites. If you still have any questions, please contact our web design service to get the best service.

Types of website visitors

You should also pay attention to the different types of visitors and research the most common steps they take to find the information they need on your website, this is where your website navigation plan should be optimized. For example, the steps to looking up the catalog of product items, selecting products from that catalog, placing them in the shopping cart, making the checkout, and entering billing details are a series of activities that will is convenient thanks to the navigation system.

If this sequence of activities can lead to a nuisance for your visitors or they will miss an important step and your revenue will drop as a result. To go in the right direction, users need to know the following 2 things: Where are they and -How to go to other places on the website. However, the navigation cannot work independently because a good website organization is a prerequisite for a tight navigation system.

A navigation system is divided into two main parts: Location instructions and Navigation controls.

Location instructions

Location indications help users know where they are on the website. Remember that external users will visit any page on your website, not necessarily the homepage. So they need to be able to navigate the website quickly.

Likewise, navigating users around the website also needs to keep them up-to-date with both the currently accessed item and its relevance to other content. It is recommended that the location information appear in the same format, in the same place on every page of the website.

Online stores need great search engine optimization to be on top
Online stores need great search engine optimization to be on top

The location instructions should tell the user their exact location on the website and this positioning should be accurate even if the user accesses the website from an internal page of that website. These location instructions should also be easily identifiable and relevant to the context of the other navigation.

How to indicate the location to navigate the website

For simple websites, text or graphic banner for website naming is sufficient. For this to work, the site name should also appear in the main navigation to make it relevant throughout the website structure.

Color can also be used. Examples are different background color, contrast color or sidebar on every part of website. But for efficiency this change in color should be reflected in the navigation.

Using “breadcrumbs” (the bar displayed at the top of every post) on every page of the website is also an effective way of navigating. Breadcrumb bars will represent a series of the hierarchical paths you used to move between pages on a section of your website. Using Breadcrumb bars is like leaving a distance that you have come across. These bars are below the main navigation template and above the content section.

Each section of the Breadcrumb bar is a path to that large item and subcategory. This prevents you from using a series of black buttons to direct the user to go back to a large section or another subsection. More importantly, it always shows the context of the page and its relevance to a large category or subsection.

Navigation controls

Website navigation controls are the main navigation paths that guide users around the website. Whether these links are images or text should have the same format and be positioned in the same position on every page of the website.

This is to help users navigate around the website, letting them know about the information available in the link; incorporating location indications to drive visitors.

A good navigation control will look like the main website navigation control; helps directly to clear content – keeps visitors interesting about what they find after the click of a mouse, and helps keep navigation consistent with other navigation controls as well as assists users with primary awareness determine the type and location of the website navigation control.

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Conclusion when doing website navigation:

There aren’t any miracles to such convenience. Since that involves creating a website, which is important for most people to access is the ease of use and navigation on the website as well as the benefits of that website. You can have a website that meets the most important standards of convenience by planning it well and keeping your end-users in mind. Remember that the website is not designed specifically for the owner, but for the people who use it.

Website navigation best practices are good logo design, landing page, which can target audience effectively
Website navigation best practices are good logo design, landing page, which can target audience effectively

Issues about the usability of the website can be reflected from two main sources: the website itself and its users. In fact, the website will always make mistakes if a visitor (whether experienced or inexperienced) has problems with navigating, getting information on the website as well as understanding the website.

As the number of new people accessing the internet increases day by day, as the websites become more complex, the users have less experience. So please design a WordPress website for businesses to best suit all visitors.

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