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8 Essential tips for improving your web design

Just like fashion, professional website design is constantly changing with the trend. When it comes to web design that will make a professional impression, you’ll always do well to keep things up to date and trending. Here are tips from our experiences for you to have a website you like.

Today, Vanntechs Website Design in Montreal will introduce to you 8 essential tips for improving your web design.

1. Design clear layouts and share content for free

The world around us has become quite chaotic and the web is no exception. Advertisements, banners, icons, badges, signs, pop-ups, buttons, and so on – sometimes it all can get a little heavy. So why not give your website visitors a break from all the noise and clutter? Embracing things like flat design and white space (you can read more about the terms here) can do wonders for your website visitor experience. Try to keep things simple or even minimal where only your most important content stands out. Sometimes less is more.

Online stores with great landing pages, web marketing and social share can attract clients
Online stores with great landing pages, web marketing and social share can attract clients

2. Design websites with user-oriented functionality

If you’re reading this blog, you’re on the right track. But you can take your research a step further and start searching at sites with a specific purpose: to find out what you like about them and what you don’t. Make some mental or practical notes about what you want to emulate on your own website.

Do you think a long scrollable page will work well with your web pages? Perhaps you really admire someone’s else approach to their contact page. It could be something as small as a mimic using the arrow icons pointing to an important message. Whatever you find appealing, think about how you can make it happen in your own Website Design Scheme.

3. Website system must be intuitive and lively

Visual hierarchy, what is it? It’s a term that basically means our eyes pay attention to webspace within a given pattern – a model that can help you optimize the important content on your website. For example, if you create a ‘sign up now’ button, you might want as many people as possible to click on it and follow through with the registration process. That the eyes move top to bottom, from left to right.

This means that you get the most eyes on the button in the top left corner of your website, and eyes most likely mean multiple Remember, only put your most important content in coveted spaces – if you put too much in one place your guests will be overwhelmed and you won’t get the results you are looking forward to.

4. Clearly easy-to-read text content

The text is very important. It has to provide information and answer questions even before they have been asked. With that said – don’t make your readers squint to read it. There are a few simple rules you can follow that will keep you and your writing is clear.

· Make sure your colors work together. For example, putting colored text cream on a white background will either leave your page back with a headache or cause them to give up and move on. None of the results achieved the desired result – so make sure you double-check all your text for it to be legible.

Optimizing your website with great graphic designers and search engine optimization is good for small businesses
Optimizing your website with great graphic designers and search engine optimization is good for small businesses

· Small uber font sizes cannot be used. While it may look cute, it just isn’t realistic. Make sure your readers won’t need a magnifying glass to figure out your message.

· Stand by your fonts. Create a theme and even engrave a brand that your website sticks to for no more than three fonts – two could be even better. As for the extra points, make sure the fonts you choose are reader-friendly and don’t let your visitors wonder if they’re reading Sanskrit.

5. Your website must be technically responsive and run well on the platforms

What good is a professional website if it is not professional on mobile devices? In today’s world, very rare. Desperate not! The Wix website builder comes fully equipped with an intuitive mobile editor and it’s ready to use this to its full potential.

Make changes that keep all of the above tips in mind and switch between the editor and preview versions so you can see your changes put into action. After all, you don’t want to miss out on your page visitors/users/leads just because they’re on the subway, do you?

6. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers

Consider your customers’ motivations to come to your website and how they are accessing it – via a mobile or desktop device? These are important considerations because user experience can be completely different from device to device, while good user experience is a key factor that any business should care about. If you’re designing for both desktop and mobile, you’ll need to use different fonts, graphics, and layouts to optimize the user experience.

Great Products and services and social media will make users happy
Great Products and services and social media will make users happy

Manzari also said that, be really serious about re-checking your website on different devices to make sure everything goes smoothly. “Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers” can help determine how the user will experience when visiting the website, thereby optimizing the bad components, ensuring a smooth experience. and most seamless.

7. Use mobile technology to figure out what matters most

Prioritizing the key elements of a mobile experience is also important when designing a website. Manzari suggests “think on a small screen.” It can be quite difficult to format the layout and make sure the key feature stands out over the sub-elements.

Good user experience is giving customers what they want. Some clients may react faster to a layout that includes a lot of images, but others may be more interested in seeing a price breakdown during a few screen taps.

8. Invest and repeat

It’s important to remember that great design is never repeated. If we consider design as a “living organism” that grows and changes over time, it makes the design process much easier. Manzari advises taking investment seriously or treating each design project as if it is always evolving, and can be improved and modified at any time.

Design patterns and trends never always have to be updated regularly, bringing excitement, freshness, and originality to visitors.

For a travel website, this would involve updating the website regularly with new content, such as activity descriptions, current news, and images. It can also involve changing the layout to accommodate different types of content, like videos and podcasts that provide details about tours and business activities.

If you still have any questions about internet marketing, design elements, web development, logo design…; please contact Vanntechs Web Design company today!

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