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Website design in Montreal with standard SEO-credibility

Designing a website in Montreal, Canada to meet different needs of customers, with more than 7 years of experience with over 100 different projects, Vanntechs Web Design company in Montreal has asserted its position and brought satisfaction to customers.

In the midst of the fast-growing online business market in Montreal, owning a professionally designed website is essential. Especially, it must be an address that has many years of experience, and the ability to complete the exclusive website design, web design according to your wishes.



Helping you to build and create a brand identity and stand out through the website. The monopoly comes from your own ideas, wishes, and the creative minds of longtime designer.


Not only in terms of aesthetics, effective Website helps to turn visitors into real orders. Everything is best done in terms of images and effects, layouts, fonts, breadcum, attractive CTA call buttons

HIGH Aesthetics

Design a beautiful website, suitable for each industry. Aligning and optimizing each pixel from the smallest details, icons because of the fine tuning, focusing on details is the top factor of a professional programmer.


Compatible not only on mobile phones but also on all smart devices and screens. Compatible for each type of browser (Chrome, Coc Coc, Safari, Firefox, …) to help your customers access easily anytime, anywhere.


Vanntechs is a full-fledged programming company consisting of a team of professional programmers

Consulting and giving correct SOLUTIONS is not redundant

Programming features most suitable for each type of website: sales, news, elearning, travel, hotels, …

Deploying effectively, ensuring the best product performance

Consulting support, guiding customers to use.

Site SEO, online stores, marketing strategy, web marketing are necessary for products and services businesses
Site SEO, online stores, marketing strategy, web marketing are necessary for products and services businesses


Easiest way to manage the entire website – even if you’re not tech-savvy – programming

► Easy product posting for sales websites, news websites

► Text, content, image media, and video to quickly and easily upload content for your website.

► The administration system supports SEO in each article, post / page.

► Decentralization feature, simple but secure web administration

► There are supporters to guide website administration, use the website in detail – dedicated

Vanntechs Web Design company
Criteria are always present when designing web

Standard SEO website – mobile standard

As an Online Marketing Agency, website design and especially SEO, more than anyone we understand the process and how to do SEO as well as website structure, the most necessary criteria to ensure the website is easy. appeared on search engines and especially Google with the Vietnamese market

Stable – high security

An effective website does not only stop at the interface and features, but especially the ability to operate long-term, stable so that you can do business effectively without any interruptions. Website security 2 layers, 3 layers to avoid hackers, brute force harmful to the website. Secure the website owner’s information as well as visitors

Fast access speed

Meet Google’s Page Speed criteria with a score of 90 – 100, optimize HTML – CSS -Javascript to ensure fast website speed to improve user experience. Especially faster when using Domain and Web Hosting or VPS offered at Vanntechs Web Design company

Lifetime support

Once you become a Vanntechs Web Design client, we are committed to supporting you forever in the website design process as well as after handover. Support – maintenance – warranty and get ready to develop more features or platforms customers need with exclusive deals for “Vanntechs Web company customers”.

SEO agency, local SEO, SEO strategies via social media are very important factors in web development
SEO agency, local SEO, SEO strategies via social media are very important factors in web development

Website design services according to multiple industries

Website design as required

Building web interfaces and features according to customer requirements. Using many technologies, web programming languages to create products that meet expectations and operate effectively in the long run.

Design website introduction

The main segment at Vanntechs Web Design company, specializing in web design for businesses, introduces the company to fields with distinctive, prominent, and indispensable features suitable for each type of website, each purpose.

Website design for sales

Website design SEO standard sales, indispensable features include: ordering, shopping cart, online payment. Integrating live chat platforms, online support to respond promptly and answer customers’ wishes as soon as they need it.

Travel website design

Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and mobile compatibility are the most important things when it comes to travel web design, especially the online tour booking feature. In particular, we also integrate – develop travel management web application software for travel companies.

Hotel website design

Luxury, outstanding and integrated perfect booking and booking features are what make a great hotel – restaurant website – you can easily integrate Booking with a third party and make online payments for customers to deposit. Of course, standard features SEO and mobile are always guaranteed criteria.

Real estate website design

Diverse real estate web design includes: project introduction, company introduction – real estate contractor, classifieds website – real estate broker, the website of all types of real estate for rent … with features suitable for each type, the ability to decentralize users, create accounts, and set banner ads, everything can be developed easily.

Website design for online learning

The first and only online learning website system in Vietnam helps you to sell Online courses and teach Live Stream without depending on an intermediary. Especially the exclusive anti-Download system protects your Videos. Our success has been designing web learning for more than 50+ units and individuals.

School website design

Prestige, serious and scientific style, modern but still retains the distinctive characteristics of different schools and educational centers. Vanntechs Web designs the school web with a large administration system, wide storage, and especially high security to ensure school information.

Website design construction company

Helping you to develop your brand, company build on the Internet. Reach out to investors, customers and bring great things to your business. A well-tuned website in terms of aesthetics – features and especially mobile-friendly, bot-friendly Google.

If you still have any questions about search engine optimization, logo design, organic traffic, graphic design… please contact Vanntechs Web Design in Montreal today!

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