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How to make an impressive website design

Designing a website is not difficult. But how to create a beautiful, impressive website is not easy. Meanwhile, an impressive website will make customers be attracted and remembered. From there, improving the efficiency that the website brings. A professional website design company must do that. A qualified website designer needs to do that too.

Today, Vanntechs Web Design in Montreal will introduce to you how to make impressive website design.

1. Using images on the interface must be impressive

As you may not know, images have a huge visual impact. Words carry messages and have a lot of value and knowledge. But to make an impression, it must be the image.

Apple has become the world’s most valuable company, reaching more than 1,000 billion. The starting point of that success is the classic designs such as iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPod,…. Those designs are also the image. You must use images to excel.

Creating a website, web pages or landing pages for online stores can increase user experiences
Creating a website, web pages or landing pages for online stores can increase user experiences

2. Use distinct lines

If 100 other websites use similar lines, you also use the same lines for website design. How can all the same websites be impressive. Impression is different, is creative. You have to understand that to be able to bring that spirit into your design lines.

In order for your website to be creative, do not be afraid to include different, outrageous lines. Breaking way, does not mean freaky. You should improve your knowledge of lines so that you can create impressive websites.

3. Colors must be beautiful and impressive of course

Perhaps the great thing that nature gives people is color. How bland this life would have been if the whole world were one color. The way you use color is what you are.

There are dazzling color patterns that just look tired, can’t be sympathetic. But there are people who create pictures, color schemes that just look at, love, watch forever.

That is the talent of the designer. Because this life requires the hands and aesthetics of the designer. Be creative and disruptive in the use of color. But still need to be beautiful, follow the rules of color in the design.

4. Impressive website layout

An impressively beautiful phone like an iPhone is made up of impressive drawings, impressive layouts. The beginning of every impressive design comes from the optimal, rational, impressive, and creative layout of the components.

The same goes for the website. If you want to create a good look then step up a good layout structure cannot be ignored. You need to base on the requirements of the website, the customer to create clever and different layouts.

Don’t be like others, be different from them, better than them, and more effective than them. Creating impressive compositions requires great effort and creativity from designers.

5. Effects, impressive CSS lines

You should know a little bit about CSS. If you know how to code a little bit, it’s good not to know. But you need to regularly look at CSS effect and line trends. Because today, websites use CSS to create effects and lines. So, if you have knowledge of CSS, it will help you to apply in designs more brilliantly.

To create impressive websites, you also need to be creative in effects and lines. Of course, you don’t have to let all the details have an effect. That will mess with your website. You should learn and be subtle in using effects. Knowing what effects to use, wherever they are, contributes to creating impressive websites.

Web marketing, search engines with great stock photos are important to graphic designers
Web marketing, search engines with great stock photos are important to graphic designers

6. Adhere to the principles of website design

Going into the website interface design includes some of the following jobs:

  • Analyze and determine the content to be displayed on each interface page of the website.
  • Structure up the layout of each content element on the website interface.
  • Design a website interface.

Any design work in general, not just website design without following the process, will easily create problems or fail to create the best products, bringing the most benefits to customers. You have to follow the principles of design in order to create beautiful websites. You must ensure that the standards are in place before you can create anything.

7. Dare to boldly breakthrough, create a difference

Something impressive, creative is often not easy for others to absorb and feel. In the process of designing a website for customers, Tat Thanh has had to work many times to persuade customers.

There are even heated debates or too much effort on a project to help clients understand the beauty of the creative, groundbreaking design. Knowing that this will be beneficial to the customer. But not all companies, designers dare to trade-off, dare to be determined to do this.

If you want to become an excellent designer, reach the top designs, alone in the design industry. You must dare to boldly break through your ideas, create a difference with outstanding efficiency. That is the pinnacle of the designer.

8. Enhance your design aesthetics

People with poor aesthetics cannot design a beautiful interface. To create beautiful themes, you need to be a person with a high aesthetic. So you need to constantly improve your aesthetics.

In addition to self-contemplation to create aesthetic standards and knowledge of beauty for myself. You can use a number of ways such as viewing a lot of beauty to increase the internal aesthetic.

Beautiful cars, beautiful architecture, fashion, tourist attractions, painting, … In general, what related to beauty aesthetics, we study and find out. When your aesthetics increase to a higher level, you will be able to apply it in your design in general, in a particular design. Try it, you will see your abilities increase unexpectedly.

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9. Constantly updated with new design trends

Design trends and aesthetic orientations are constantly evolving and changing. A beautiful design today can become outdated in the next few months, years. Therefore, if you stop learning or creating new designs, you will fall back. It is also an inevitable rule in working, competing between businesses, among designers. You need to be aware of that.

One of the best ways to stay updated is to keep an eye on the world’s leading websites in different industries, the top design newspapers, and magazines. You can learn a little English to increase your weapon.

Responsive webs design is compulsory for businesses nowadays
Responsive webs design is compulsory for businesses nowadays

10. Avoid making customers type continuously

Obviously filling out a form that is difficult to fill out will increase the customer’s ignores rate, so we should do everything to simplify the process for your web visitors. A simple way to do this is to give your client a choice instead of having them fill in the marked area.

For example, if you are asking someone to fill out your form instead of providing a text field, asking them to manually write the date and time then simply provide a checkbox for them to choose the appropriate date. Try not to force users to type in too much so they don’t get discouraged, especially if it’s something that you can easily provide a solution with just one click.

Another reason to keep entry restrictions? That is, the use of mobile devices to log on to the internet is increasing, if a form forces users to enter information by typing on the keyboard, it will make it more difficult for mobile users. So let’s simplify the browser types.

11. Limit distractions

If your main goal is to get someone to complete an important form, make sure they will easily focus on completing the form. Distracting elements such as animations, light boxes, and large text blocks should be kept to a minimum around the form.

To do this, place the form in an area that won’t have to compete with the visual elements of your website. The best solution? Create a page dedicated to the form.

If you still have any questions about blog posts writing, screen sizes, search engine optimization, design elements, please contact Vanntechs Web Design company today!

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