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What to do when designing a website?

As you all know, website design is not only a method to enhance and promote the image of products and businesses on the Internet, but also an effective sales channel of the business itself. Therefore, website design plans for businesses need to be invested in time and cost properly.

However, for a completed website to really bring value to your business, we recommend you to pay attention to some of the following things right from the start. Today, Vanntechs Web Design in Montreal will introduce to you what to do when designing a website.

1. Define website design purpose

Website design is also a financial investment. So, before you get started, you need to define:

What do you do this work for?
How valuable will your website bring you?

There are many possible answers to these questions. However, based on the characteristics of your own business to point out website design goals.

Website is used for many flexible purposes, such as:

  • Introduce and promote the image of the business
  • Promotion, PR for new products
  • Is the mainstream product business channel of the enterprise

Firstly, answering these questions will help you zoning off who is the potential customer market on the Internet that you are targeting. From there, you have the most thorough and complete preparation to realize your ideas.

Broken links of web page and blog posts will decrease user experiences
Broken links of web page and blog posts will decrease user experiences

2. Set the criteria that your website must meet.

From defining website design purposes, you can determine: What criteria should your website meet?

Competition on the Internet is as fierce as any other market. Therefore, you should carefully research your competitors and potential customers market to set out the criteria that the website must meet. Please detail these criteria in detail, for example:

The website interface must be harmonious, striking, or impressive, attracting visitors
Content must be full, attractive, right to promote (can be detailed for each item, each type of product …)
We must operate stably, be friendly with a search engine, but ensure high security
Easy to administer, update content or upgrade as required

3. Determine what to do. This will help you answer the question: What do you have to do to get there?

Based on the criteria set out, list the work that you will do to prepare for the new website design. Focus on the main things, don’t complicate matters, which will be time-consuming and costly. Do not try to follow the masses that make your website stereotyped and become boring, not unique. Remember “simplicity is the criterion that creates the highest efficiency” and let’s design your own website:

  • About the interface: giving the main color of the website (consistent with the logo and industry of the business, similar to the brand identity).
Building a website optimized for mobile devices will target audience and website visitors effectively
Building a website optimized for mobile devices will target audience and website visitors effectively

A quality website must ensure two factors: aesthetics and a scientific layout. Aesthetics is a pretty abstract problem because 9 people have 10 ideas. What you need to focus on is determining who your visitors are and what they need from your website: information, images, product specifications, presentation …

So how to design? Please answer, what customers need to find and find is immediately available (scientific layout). A beautiful website is better, but it must be ensured not to be too colorful, the disorder will cause many negative reactions: affecting the customer viewing process, psychology and purchasing decisions of customers, even beautiful interface. Contains many effects, which means it will slow down the processing speed, page load.

  • About content: What is the content you want to convey to your customers?

Prepare promotional materials related to your product / business

Web features system: The web’s feature system must be complete, practical, and suitable for your content as well as customers. You should remember that the more unique the website content, the simpler the system of features, the more utilities that really bring value to the user, the higher the success rate of the web.

  • Website design like building a house. When looking at the appearance of a house, we can only evaluate its aesthetic surface, only experts can know the quality of the material, the durability of the building as well as the location of rooms, corridors, Is the ventilation hole technical and reasonable?
  • Before programming a website, we need to have a functional analyst, draw the layout of the data stream before designing the corresponding interface.
  • When programming (functions), it is necessary to pay attention to the OPENness of the website: can customers add new categories and news by themselves, can it be easy to upgrade more functions later on? (If the foundation is not well-built and refined, all subsequent activities such as adding new, changing categories or wanting to upgrade more functions … are very difficult, may even break the layout and must redesign from scratch).

For example, currently, there are all 4 categories on the homepage menu, during use, you need to add a new category, can you add it yourself or have to ask the website design unit to intervene (then charge extra)

Some customers think that they just build a cheap website for temporary use, and later on, more money will build another website. In fact, after a period of operation, Google will store the search links (especially for sites with a lot of traffic or have used SEO services to help increase website rankings, when rebuilding the website, then is very impacting to the search due to technical modification).

Web marketing will introduce online presence of landing pages to many online visitors
Web marketing will introduce online presence of landing pages to many online visitors

So, to ensure your website is running well and bringing about business efficiency, you have to spend more effort than you think. You should only design a website when you have enough budget ready to implement and develop it. If you do not have enough budget for the above problems, do it next time.

  • Choosing a reputable website construction partner: We choose the phrase “website building partner” instead of “website design company” … because for Tam Nguyen, website design is not just a job. in terms of interface design and programming to make the website work, but this is also about building images and promoting the brand for the business.
  • A complete website must not only meet technical and aesthetic requirements, but also be really useful, affordable, and bring value to the business.

Website construction partners must reach a certain level of expertise and understand what visitors need from your website, thereby conveying what you want to send to customers.

For example, the same is designing an e-commerce website, but depending on the product you sell, we will advise if you need an online payment function or not? Is it necessary to add a module that updates information on exchange rates, weather … or not?

You need to know that consulting on the interface as well as useful and practical website features system will sometimes impact significantly on the cost of web making and increase the value of your website.

Therefore, choose reputable units to ensure you will get an accurate consultation, a quality product so that the website is really an optimal economic problem for the business.

If you still have any questions about graphic designers, search engine optimization, content management system, please contact Vanntechs Web Design company today!

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