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Nowadays, building your website or owning a social network profile like Facebook, Youtube… is very easy. However, producing attractive and unique content is the outstanding point and advantage of your business. How do we create valuable content for our readers in the fastest and most organized way?

The book “Inbound Content” (belonged to Inbound Marketing collection from HubSpot) from the author Justin Champion will give you the best answer.

In the book Inbound Content, Justin Champion shared his main 8 steps: get a general idea; make a plan and timeline; build the content process; evaluate and publish the content; publish and advertise; organize the content; analyze the output and improve the process for the next time.

In order to set up the idea, Justin Champion advises content marketers to understand the picture/profile of idealized customers and the journey of customers. The professional content marketer shouldn’t wait till the idea come up on their mind, he/she should actively push their creative process by collecting information, analyze the data, and use your brain to get creative ideas.

In order to advertise your content, publishing your content regularly is the critical factor. According to Justin Champion, we should organize our content in a clear structure and process. With our content’s format, all steps in your writing process are setting up the layout, complete your draft content, review and format your content, design, and format the content, complete the content and finally publish it.

The quality of your marketing content is not only belonged to your process but also depends on your talents. As the content producer, Justin spent one chapter of his book Inbound Content to share the method on how to use the strength of telling a story in marketing. The author shares some hints on how to create a story with some basic factors such as characters, conflicts, the problem’s solution, and the way we tell the story, in the most emotional format.

In modern marketing, evaluate and analyze the output from each published content or each marketing activity is very important. Justin shares with us some methods to collect data, analyze the data, and KPIs so the content marketers can evaluate the effectiveness of their created content. For instance, each piece of content helped the business increase awareness, the interactivity between the business and customers, affective loyalty, and how it attracts new customers…

Not only giving out the long-term marketing strategy, but Inbound Content is also a practical book when giving some small tactics, some technical solutions, some tips on how to re-use the content so the content marketer can optimize and increase the effectiveness of their job.

Finally, nowadays, the technology is changing every day, new networks occupy the online marketing platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Tik Tok… with various content’s format and new behavior from customers. The important advantage for digital marketers and content marketers is brand awareness, always improve the process, and set up the content procedure logically.

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