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About Us

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Vanntechs Web Studio was founded for WordPress development and support, in search of a better and affordable website development service that fits your budget, your unique needs, and growth, without the hassles of a typical freelancer or big agency experience – for example, minimum spend to kick off a project, long time turnaround, complicated process, monthly commitments or unexpected costs.

I’m Vanessa Tran, the founder of Vanntechs Web Studio. We launched the studio in 2020, at the peak of Covid19 when Montreal and the whole of Quebec were locked down. At the time I was working as a senior software developer in the financial industry with a belt of 10 years experience. I have several friends who open their small businesses during the Covid time, and when the online presence of a business will decide the destiny whether the business can survive through the pandemic. My friend selected an agency in foreign country for the affordable price, but it makes his website super slow in speed without handling over the source to him. Another friend of mine was super confused with how WordPress works to set up a site or how she can use a website builder to build a site, and then she ends up asking for my help. 

Vanntechs Web Studio is about saving you from making the same costly and trouble mistakes so you can accelerate your growth. We help you build your website, solve your technical issue, and support you to fix any error from WordPress developers that stop you from building your online presence.



Welcome to Vanntechs Web Studio

Our Vision

Like you, we are ambitious, entrepreneurial, and facing challenging uncertainty almost daily. Finding good people and delegating important areas of the business is hard but critical for your success. Our vision is to be the leading WordPress development agency and in need of short-term, recurring, and full-time website development expert help.

Why Choose Us

Vanntechs Web Studio is in-corporated under Quebec, Montreal Canada. The company was founded in Feb 2020. Our NEQ is 1175149880.

Being Responsive

We provide personalized attention, continuous communication, immediate action and definite follow-through. We listen to your vision, and we deliver.

Carefully Planned

We take pride in our ability to supply excellent solutions. Each is tailored to meet our client's need and we deliver on time.

Helful experts

We only hire the best and we invest in our continued education.

Honest & Ethical

We are technology agnostic and vendor neutral. Our experts provide you with sound and independent strategic advice. Our values shape the way we do the business.

Our Team

Meet Vanntechs Web Studio


Vanessa Tran

Web Developer


Vincent Vu

Web Designer


Tim Tran

Intern Web Developer

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