What customers care about when visiting your online store

Trust is the most important base for you to successfully sell online. Nowadays, online shoppers have many ways to pay via your online store and you have enough techniques to track back your user’s clicks to understand their shopping behaviors. Earning your customer’s trust is still very difficult to master. How to develop your customer’s […]

Top WordPress plugins for restaurants in 2020

Running a restaurant nowadays cannot miss a professional restaurant website. Think about how often you go online to look up menus, to make a reservation or to check opening times for a new restaurant that you are going to visit. Without a professional restaurant website, your business will miss a lot of potential customers. If […]

Why does your restaurant need a website

luxury restaurant

Designing a beautiful and professional restaurant website can help you quickly increase the number of online reservations and boost your restaurant’s brand in the F&B industry more than your competitors who don’t have any website. If your neighborhood is famous for tourism, this is an opportunity for you to introduce your special cuisine to tourists […]

How to design a restaurant website?

If a restaurant has a beautiful website, it can attract more customers every day. A restaurant site normally describes accurately its location, its menu, and cuisine. A top restaurant website could help to convince you of a great deal. From a guest’s perspective, what can I learn about a cafe or a restaurant from your […]

Shopify or WooCommerce for your online store in 2020

Vanntechs Web Studio supports setting up eCommerce stores on both platforms: WooCommerce vs Shopify. The question between WordPress (WooCommerce) and Shopify, which platform is best to host an online store is asked by many of our clients. We do research and give you impartial reviews about Shopify and WordPress (WooCommerce), at no extra cost to […]