Common mistakes web designers make

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Mistakes to avoid when designing a website are not a bad thing. Sometimes just making a small mistake is enough to make the website become out of date compared to the time, not to bring into play all the benefits you want. So what do you need to do to make your website catch up […]

What makes an effective website design?

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In the era of the digital technology boom, a sales website has become an indispensable thing for many entrepreneurs. The website allows customers to find you, understand the inspiration as well as the destination of the business. Customers can contact you, can buy, sell, exchange, evaluate products and services, complete all the transaction steps right […]

How to Start an Online Business at Home

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An online home business is business activity based in your own home, attracting and interacting with customers through the website. Providing online services or using websites to promote products and skills are all attractive directions. They can help you earn extra income or start a career at a relatively low cost. Despite the many advantages, […]

Designing a school website – a modern and professional educational website (Part 2)

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Some technologies are applied by Vanntechs Web Design for schools With over 7 years of experience working in the field of website design from our web developers, Vanntechs Website Design in Montreal is always at the forefront in updating and applying the latest programming technologies in the world to its products, especially websites with High […]

Designing a school website – a modern and professional educational website (Part 1)

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Why does a school need a website? Usually, school websites often have an elegant, simple, and serious style in accordance with the standards of the lecture halls or educational units in the world. Web design Education – High School Nowadays, the website has become popular, every industry can equip themselves with a website to introduce […]

What are the benefits of web design services?

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Nowadays, the website is no longer designed solely for sales. Businesses pay much attention to beautiful web design because a beautiful website is the brand face of the business. With a developed science and technology background, new HTML and CSS platforms were born at the end of 2014. Since then, the website brings new experiences […]

What are the basic requirements for web design?

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Many businesses when starting to question website design, often focus on how their website is displayed, like which website, however, the interface is not the most important part but the features. The function and content of the website are the first factors to consider. Basic requirements when designing a website 1. What is the purpose […]

Why is web design important when you start selling online

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In the era of increasingly developing technology, online selling has become a new trend that many businesses, organizations, or individuals apply. Owning a professional sales website with full features will promote the introduction and promotion of its products as well as attract more potential customers. 1. Access to customers via the Internet The number of […]

Popular web design trends in 2020

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The information age is an era where people can easily be exposed and absorbed with a lot of information and images from countless sources. It can be said that the downside of the digital age is that people are also easily pressured by the mass of information to rush and they fall into a state […]

How to take care of your website

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I. What is the purpose of website maintenance services? The most common answer is, of course, for business purposes. However, many businesses and individuals still do not understand the purpose and they wonder should they take care of their website or not and who will help them. At Vanntechs Web Studio in Montreal, we provide […]