How to integrate CI/CD in GitLab with Laravel

Hi, I am Vanessa Tran. I mainly write my technical learning journey on Vanntechs’s Programming and Technical posts. I studied a course called Software Maintenance , taught by professor JUERGEN RILLING in Concordia University, Montreal Quebec (2018). I noticed one content called CI/CD of his lecture, and I want to deep inside it with some […]

Introduction to Angular Shallow Integration Tests

This tutorial is coming after the first part: Angular Isolated Tests series. Integration tests let us test not only a component, but its template as well. This will be a huge benefit when working to assure that your components actually do what they’re supposed to do. In this series of Shallow Integration Tests module, we […]

Angular Unit Test: How to test the interaction with Isolated tests

Let me paste the following code so you can check it: We have now written one test for our delete method. We have checked that it is removing a hero from the heroes array. Now we go into the HeroesComponent and look at the delete method. We can see that what is happening on line […]

Angular Unit Testing: How to write your first Angular unit test

The following is a screenshot of a simple Angular Hero application (which we download from website) In order to do the unit test, we are going to go to the src folder. We create a new file called first-test.spec.ts. The name “spec” is important. That’s what we let our unit testing tool Karma this […]

GitLab CI/CD: Illuminate\Http\Testing\imagecreatetruecolor()

As in my previous tutorial about how to integrate CI/CD in Gitlab with my current Laravel project, I kept doing a good practice to unit test every time I pushed. However, today, I found a weird bug after I added a Unit Test related to Storage. The following is my test: The thing here is: I tried […]