We have a talented team of experts based on Montreal Quebec , who are ready to help develop and build customized applications, and come up with solutions that work for your store.

Step 1: Design and draw the app wireframe with workflows


After collecting all your requirements , we will draft a wire frame of a customized application. It will be a plain black and white wire frame design. You can add your feedback.

After we finalize the wire frame and workflow, we will sign off the confirm the workflow and features.

Step 2: Photoshop and design the app

In this step, we will base on the website and features layout that are drafted in the confirmed wire frame and design the website by Photoshop and Illustrator. We will adjust and modify based on your feedback up to 3 reviews.

After you confirm with our finalized designs, we will sign off to confirm the design and UI specs, then we will start with the development process.

Step 3: Finish the development

With our testing server, we will set up the final app under the testing phase. We will give you an amount of time to do some testings. In this final stage, you will leave us some feedback. We will adjust and modify before publishing your app.

After you confirm everything is fine, we will sign off to confirm the application development.

Step 4: Maintenance

All our application development always come with Free maintenance process within 90 days after you sign off in step 3.

We never ever leave you alone after finishing your app development. We always keep you posted, take care of your store and keep up with maintenance.

Troubleshooting and problem resolution

Have an issue that you can’t solve? Shopify Support team asked you to contact a Shopify expert?  Your WordPress store is not working and you don’t know where or what to fix? We are happy to look at your problems and see what can be done to fix it.

Store Migrations

Do you have your Joomla or even Wix store? Do you want to migrate your store to Shopify platform? Do you want to re-new your site design? Do you want your website to be modern and mobile responsive?

Migrating your store can be a daunting task. We help migrate stores from multiple different sources or reproduce the site entirely.

Store Setup Guidance

If you are setting up a new store, you probably have questions.. a lot of them. We can set up a time to walk through what you’ve done so far, provide training and address any specific issues you have.

Store Look

Do you feel that you shop can look better for your users? We can review your site and your theme and make recommendations on what to improve to increase your sales metrics and improve user experience.

Installing Apps

Looking to have an app installed and configured on your store? We can help you get your new app set up and run smoothly. We can help with finding the best app for you.

Custom coding

Do you have any specific solution or functionality you need to built for your store? We can code an app and will work with you to do a custom solution for you.

Do you have a new app idea and you want to start your IT software company? We will be a good agency to assist you in developing the MVP (minimum viable product).

Domain Configuration

Do you need helps to make sure your domains are set up and configured correctly? We are experts in domains, DNS and everything in between, we will get you configured properly with Shopify or your WordPress store.

Why you can trust us

We are Montreal based development team. Our company is registered under Quebec province. When it comes to customized app development or other small jobs, Vanntechs Inc is a well oiled machine. We have a proven track record. We work with clients on small items like daily basis activities and we are confident that we can help your business.

Feel free to contact us for your customize quotation. We welcome all requests, even a small request costs only USD 50. We always provide you with our best services.