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Designing a real estate website is a solution that helps real estate business people to reach customers more quickly and professionally. For this industry, real estate websites help home buyers and sellers connect with information, photos and news, … to meet the needs of both.

Vanntechs Web Studio is a professional website design company, we understand the importance and meaning that the website gives to a business or an organization, regardless of business in any field. In this article, Vanntechs Web Studio will share with you the most specific and detailed information about Real Estate Website Design, let’s find out with us.

Impress your customers at their first visit.

1. The importance of real estate website design

1. Reach customers faster

The demand for using and searching information through the Internet is increasing and growing strongly. Therefore, there are always a large number of people searching and searching information on the Internet every day.

According to statistics from 2018, the proportion of Canada using the Internet reached 30 million, accounting for 80% of the population. In addition, the survey of the Canadian Association of High Quality Goods 2018 showed that 23% of consumers choose online channels to consult information before deciding to buy products, an increase of 5%. compared with the results of the 2017 Canada High Quality Business Association survey.

Based on these data, it can be seen that the proportion of people who decide to buy via the Internet and websites is quite high. That means the proportion of people looking to buy houses or real estate projects through the website also accounts for a significant part.

So how to make your real estate project closer to customers? How to reach the most customers to increase the rate of closing customers?

The first step in reaching customers is to design a real estate website for your project – this website will be a very effective support channel. From there, you take the steps to bring the website to the forefront of Google search, customers find your project website, reach customers, you will know their desired needs, then is to help them make decisions, the rate of key guests will increase significantly.

For example: The customer is in need of owning an apartment in real estate project A, you are the project’s distribution unit, to reach these potential customers more easily, the seller only need to invest in designing a professional real estate website with full information, buyers only need to search on Google – this is the bridge that brings customers to you the fastest and simplest way

2. Provide sources of useful information for customers

Investors buy real estate projects means they have to spend a large amount of money, so customers often tend to consider and find out a lot of information about projects.

Your real estate website is where your brand image is transmitted to customers most clearly from project information, images, quotes, to legal, … Real estate website design If the product provides sufficient information, and the authenticity of the information is high, the customer will have a basis for trust, thereby leading to the willingness to contact or make a decision to buy your project.

The website will help both homebuyers and home sellers, customers will have a clear idea of ​​the source of the project or house they want to buy, while the seller will supplement their list of customers. Potential, especially in the period when real estate demand is on the rise.

Does a real estate web design provide complete information bring a lot of advantages?

3. Real Estate Website - Effective marketing channel

Designing a real estate website not only helps your project reach more customers, but also helps you run effective marketing campaigns.

So, what is the way to help the real estate web become a good marketing channel?

For a campaign or marketing campaign to be successful, the most important thing is that the product or project must reach as many customers as possible and the rate of “closing” increases.

– For example: When setting up a real estate website, you can run ads on Google Adwords and do SEO to put the real estate web at the top of the Google search results. Since then, many customers know your website, through this you can reach customers and bring them to your project more easily, then gradually deploying advice and helping customers to bring make a product purchasing decision.

So you have questions about the issue “To reach customers so effectively, when designing a real estate website, does that web site need to have any supporting features?” Please continue to learn in the section below!

2. An indispensable feature when designing real estate websites

1. Displayed on many smart devices

The first feature needed when designing a real estate website is its visibility on all devices. Customers can see the information and images of your project to the fullest whether they use any type of smart device to access. Today’s users often have the habit of indispensable cell phones with them, so it becomes the most popular device and is used by many people to access the Internet, accounting for 72%. Therefore, a real estate website not only displays well on a PC, but also needs to display full information on both mobile phones and other devices such as tablets, etc. The more you reach customers, the more customers will increase.

And moreover, the real estate web you own needs to provide the best user experience for all customers. For example, you want to gain the trust of customers, as well as increase the brand value of your project, when designing real estate website you should pay attention to the form of that website. If it is a website that is too complex, has complicated images and images, it will make customers “click away” immediately or it is too simple, customers will feel lacking. information and assess your lack of professionalism.

Try to put yourself in your customers and ask yourself how you want to have an experience when you visit any website today. Example: Is your real estate web design professional enough? If there is an interface like this, is the user easy to use? How do I expect to have a website providing information? …

With a professional website and a friendly experience, getting to know customers’ information will become more convenient, you will have plus points in the eyes of customers.

Even if you are just visiting the website for the first time and your website interface is professional, friendly, customers will feel that your project is potential and attract them, their trust will be placed on you and the project. real estate you bring.

2. Easily edit information - Content

Features of the real estate sector are:
– Update project information to customers: general information, legal, quotes, events, …
– Updated photos – videos: 3D images, real photos, progress photos, promotional videos
– Update project news, real estate news

Therefore, real estate website design features easy to edit and add content that will help you a lot in updating the latest and timely information to customers.

Customers always want to have complete information when learning about a real estate project, you provide them with more authentic information, they will be more willing to work with you, customers. will feel secure and secure when the information is fully disclosed on the website. Since then the trust of customers will be put on you more, so your customer retention rate is also higher. This is the benefit of a real estate web design that makes it easy to edit information.

3. Optimize SEO effectively

Competition in the real estate sector is quite high, often with hundreds of companies or brokers willing to invest in real estate web design. So, only a real estate project but the number of websites will reach hundreds of pages. So how does your website compete with competitors?

Even when designing a real estate website, SEO optimization cannot be overlooked. The effect of SEO for a website brings quality effects so that your website can surpass other websites. Effective SEO will put your website on the top of Google search, this helps customers find your real estate web more easily, better access your project.

4. Direct advice to customers

One of the factors that influences a customer’s decision is through the advice of real estate brokers or companies that provide real-time advice when designing a real estate website. you communicate and provide project information to customers faster, answer them questions and most importantly get information and understand their needs.

For example, in case customers have questions while searching information on your real estate website, they can chat directly with you through this consulting feature.

It can be seen that this feature helps you save time and costs, both to provide a good customer service experience and to strengthen the potential source of customers for the business.

3. Vanntechs Web Studio - Designing real estate websites is simpler than ever

1. Friendly management

Vanntechs Web Studio offers users a professional sales website design solution with friendly administration features, making it easier for them to manage the information they want to update on the website.

Such as information about real estate such as project images, content, quotes and other feature categories, … users can completely post to the website without having to go through any real estate. anyone or have a complicated process.

Different from manual code website, Vanntechs Web system website provides much more user friendly. If you used to need to edit even a small detail on your website, you also need to go through the developer, now when designing real estate website of Vanntechs Web Studio you can edit it by yourself in a simple way.

When the real estate web design is easier to manage, the effectiveness of the users will be higher, helping them save time, resources and facilitate the development work.

2. High security of the website

A highly secure website is an SSL-secured website. So what is an SSL security certificate?

SSL security certificates are the standard that ensures the data transmitted between the server and the user’s browser are both private and integrity, currently a security standard for millions of websites around the world. The display of the website with an SSL security certificate is a link starting with HTTPS and a green padlock icon. If a website is not well secured, it is very easy to be hacked, attacked by bad factors such as viruses, hackers, … you certainly do not want this to happen to real estate websites and Is your data informative?

High security of the website
Therefore, when designing a real estate website for your project, the security for the website is a very important factor that you need to care about, it helps the website to be stable and always ensure safe information. .

The value of SSL security certificates for websites and users is very high, so the cost of buying this certificate is a small amount of money. In the event that customers choose Vanntechs Studio Web – a professional real estate web design unit, you will no longer have to worry about the cost or security of the web, we provide you with a free security solution. Secure this website for you when you use Vanntechs Web.

Information, data, … issues will be solved quickly thanks to the high security provided by our website.

3. Optimize SEO effectively

Vanntechs Web Studio supports effective SEO website design on each category and each project page – even if you are not an SEO expert, you can easily put your website on the top 1 Google . When getting the website to the top of Google, your customers only need to search for the right keywords about the project, your real estate website will immediately be one of the websites they “click” on first.

Vanntechs Web’s SEO capabilities, including:

Optimize title tags and descriptions
Vanntechs Web Studio allows you to customize the title, description, and display a preview so you can imagine when it will look like on Google. At the same time, Vanntechs Web also limits the title length to 65 characters and description tag to 155, helping your content to be displayed most fully.

SEO friendly URL
The structure of the URL needs to be concise, easily editable in the SEO customization section. To optimize SEO efficiency, our real estate website design service allows displaying single-level URLs, including domain and alias only, you can customize the URL as needed. In the case of a product, article display on many different categories, the URL of this form will still be displayed optimally.

SSL security certificate
Websites that have SSL security certificates and are protected with HTTPS protocol will be ranked by Google. All websites provided by Vanntechs Web Studio have built-in SSL certificate automatically and you do not need to pay. Just turn on SSL configuration in domain configuration section and you can use this feature easily

Optimize website content
In Vanntechs Web Studio administration, you can customize web content with many different forms such as text, video, images, Ebook, slides, …. To optimize the best SEO, when posting content on your website make sure your primary and secondary keywords appear within the first 100 characters. Keywords should be inserted naturally and attractively to attract readers

Optimize Heading tags
To prevent Google from thinking that the content on your site is duplicated, every page on your site needs a unique H1 tag and the H1 tag should contain the main keyword. The Heading tags on Vanntechs Web’s website are optimized for SEO, but in case you want to customize it can still be easily handled.

Alt tag
Optimize photo ALT
With Vanntechs Web, when designing real estate websites you can add and edit Alt tags of images simply. When optimizing the Alt tag, you need to describe the image, add relevant keywords and the optimal description length is under 140 characters, concise and user-friendly.

Friendly on all devices
The interface provided by Vanntechs Web is applied Responsive technology to support the website to automatically elastic, friendly to all screen sizes such as computers, tablets, mobile phones.

Real estate website design SEO factors are quite influential, competition is huge in this industry. Usually a real estate project, but the number of websites about that project is often in the hundreds, so an effective SEO optimized website will help that website to rank high on Google search results.

3. Optimal display on all devices

Ask yourself and those around you when you want to find information on the Internet, which device do you tend to use?
Certainly, the answer will be: computer, phone, tablet, … This means that when designing a real estate website, that website needs to have good visibility on all devices. smart that many people today are choosing to use.

Vanntechs Web Studio uses an interface designed with Responsive technology so it provides a better experience for users, can access the website with any smart device and still display well and beautifully.

4. Attentive customer care

Vanntechs Web Studio always put customer criteria first. Therefore, we are always ready to assist customers when using our real estate website design services to answer all questions and requirements of customers.

We also regularly update and improve to help your website always have a more professional and modern interface with the easiest features to use.

To provide a comprehensive customer service and provide more information for customers, Vanntechs Web Studio has its own page to support customers, in which we provide support videos, documents on how to use, the customer guide is very detailed.

5. Beautiful real estate website interfaces provided by Vanntechs Web Studio

Vanntechs Web Studio understands that, when you are not an expert in the field of web design, it will be very difficult for you to create a web interface that is both professional and eye-catching but still provides information to customers when go to the page. Therefore, Vanntechs Web Studio offers customers an interface store with a variety of different models.

This professional real estate website design not only has many models but also is updated and changed frequently, along with meticulous investment in design to meet the different needs of every customer. 

Designing a real estate website is an extremely useful solution for real estate brokers and distribution companies. It will help you strengthen your personal brand – reaching your potential customers more easily. Since then, your project will gain customers’ trust and give customers a sense of your professionalism, making the project more convenient.

If you still do not own the website for your business or store, contact Vanntechs Web Studio via Hotline: +1 514 667 3676 for advice on designing websites in many different areas such as real estate website design. , design a restaurant website, design a fashion website, design a hotel website or register for a free trial within 15 days to experience the professional website design service of Vanntechs Web Studio.

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