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The target customers of the hotel industry are those who always stay away from their family, who are working far from home, who are travelling. 80% of hotel guests want to book a reservation for their stay in advance, and they always search for information on the Internet before deciding. Up to 50% of them have the habit of using online booking services. It can be said that, if your hotel owns a separate website (besides TripAdvisor or Booking platforms), to promote your hotel’s images and information, it will surely bring a huge advantage in your digital marketing and your website will attract many customers.

Let’s read this post to understand basic and detailed information regarding about designing your hotel business website.

With the service industry in general, especially the hotel industry, developing a business website plays a very important role in marketing. Designing a hotel website with eye-catching user interface design, with professional booking forms and fully integrated features is the first step that any hotels should do.

The hotel industry is considered to be the most competitive industry today in Canada.Not only hotels have to constantly improve the quality of their services and their facilities, hotel business owners also need to invest a lot in digital marketing in order to get the stable revenue, especially medium-sized and small hotels.


Why we need to design a hotel business website?

1.Main communication channel to connect customers and businesses

23% of customers look for information on popular search engines before buying products or services. In which, hotel business websites have the reference rate from customers up to 6.7%.

The website is the main communication channel that can be used to be proactive in creating information content to reach, attract and convince customers. Therefore, designing a professional hotel website is the great investment which will be an opportunity for you to reach millions of customers.

Think about it when your hotel is not visible on the Internet while your potential customers spend most of their time surfing on the Internet, what will happen?

It is very simple to answer this question right? When you and your customers cannot find each other, for example if they are looking for information related to your hotel, but there is any information displaying on the search engine while your competitors and their websites provide enough information that your customers need. Moreover, you will have a negative point in your customers perspective and your brand will be doubted by your customers.

Only the above reason is enough for you to build your hotel business website now. It will help your customers find you, help you communicate with people who have a demand on your provided services. When you customers search a keyword matching with your hotel, your business will be displayed on their search result, so they can understand about your brand, trust you and the number of customers visit your hotel will increase.

2. Make your customer booking process easier

Up to 50% of travellers tend to choose to book online through hotel websites. Customers only find consulting information such as photos and services from 5 to 7 hotels appearing on the top of Google search results, they will make a decision on which hotel is right for them and then immediately make a booking through the hotel’s website.

Besides the quality of services that your hotel offers, there is another problem that you should pay attention to which is the convenience of booking. Customers always need a simple process to make an online booking. If you can provide an easy way to make a booking and a high quality of service, customers will choose you next time.

In order to adapt to your customers’ demands, your business should invest in designing a professional business website. Your customers can make an online booking with several steps. If you design a good process, you can control and monitor the number of customers who are in and out, check-in and check-out time. For your customers, they can know if you still have available rooms and they can select the most suitable service for them.

3. Promote the professional image of your hotel

The hotel business website will also help you promote your business brand easier. With only several simple steps, you can post your information, your hotel’s images on your website. Your customer can click on your web and now they can understand all basic information without calling you.

In addition, your hotel will define its position and brand to your customers, earn their trust compared to other competitors those don’t have any websites. If your website is very professional, modern, your images are clear, your information is detailed and transparent, your customers will have a strong confidence in your brand.

Besides, owning a beautiful hotel business website, you can run Google Ads and SEO campaigns – which are steps to communicate with your customers. More important, your brand will be promoted and advertised to more people. You can define your position better in your customers perspective.


Designing a hotel business website, what functionalities that you will need?

1. Online booking system

One of the most important features that you should not ignore when designing a hotel business website, which is an online booking system for your customers.

The process of online booking system needs to follow a clear step and the implementation steps need to be optimized to be as simple as possible for your customers. Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes to understand how they want to have an online booking system to be designed.

Your online booking form needs to go from the most basic information filling such as first name, last name and phone number. After that, the form must ask your customers on what is the day they check in and check out, the number of rooms they want to book, the type of rooms they want to book and the number of people. These are the most basic information of a customer who needs to make a full reservation when booking on your hotel. Thus, you will monitor the booking information, confirm with your customers and message the number of rooms and the number of guests.

Your online booking system needs to support customers to pay immediately for the room reservation, or make a deposit in advance to reserve rooms. This will guarantee that your customers will have their rooms and your hotel will not lose the deal if the customer doesn’t check-in.

Last but not least, you can set up the online chat (live chat) widget on the site so your customers can contact your hotel when they are viewing your website. If they have any further requests or questions about the hotel, they can chat and get the question cleared immediately. 

2. Easily update your hotel's images and content

In the hotel industry, customers want to see the image of your hotel, the services you offer… They rely on these facilities before considering making a reservation.

If you provide detailed information and images about your hotel rooms, your hotel spaces and facilities… on the website, your customers can capture these important information easier. Therefore, designing a hotel business website, your website must allow you to upload photos and information easily. You can connect and update events and news about your hotel in the fastest way. 

3. Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Designing a hotel business website with SEO in mind will push your website to the top 10 position of Google search results. For instance, if your customers search with the keyword “hotel A”, and if your website has the same keyword “hotel A” which is optimized for SEO, then the results will include your website on the top. Your hotel business will have the opportunity to connect with your customers.

Thus, Search Engine Optimization is the feature of a website design that is very important to help your business get closer to potential customers. If your hotel business website has a high ranking on Google, your hotel brand will be widely advertised for free.

4. Mobile responsive

The technology is growing. Many people use their smartphones to connect to the Internet nowadays. 

  • Mobile devices: 72%
  • Laptops or PC: 43%
  • Tablet: 13%

Therefore, when designing a hotel business website, being mobile responsive in the design is a very important feature. No matter what devices your customer is using, your hotel business website must be clearly visible and displayed properly so your customer can view information, photos and make a reservation from your website. 


Design your hotel business website with Vanntechs Web Studio

1. Support online booking

To make your online hotel booking process simpler and easier, Vanntechs Web Studio – our hotel business website design providing online booking features with a booking form, includes:

  • First name and last name of your customer, their phone number, selected room type, check in-check out time, number of guests – This is the basic booking form which includes enough information of your customers.

The online booking system on your hotel business website will allow your customers to select the type of rooms and the check-in and check-out date which suite to their demands. For you as a hotel business owner, you will capture these information on time so you can have a proper plan, and please your customers better. 


1. User-friendly admin dashboard

Vanntechs Web Studio provides user-friendly management features and helps you to upload photos, edit hotel information, manage your offering services…

Designing a professional and modern hotel business website design with user-friendly management admin dashboard like what Vanntechs Web Studio does is very helpful for you. You won’t need the assistance of any programmers. You can change and update your hotel information on your own. You can add a new plugin or a new app and we provide our training documentation for you to do that.

Whether changing information or changing User Interface elements on the front-end, everything is simple and easy, at your fingertips.

You also know that posting images, news and events, pricing packages on your website is very important, right? This will affect directly to your customers perspective about your business. Understanding this fact, Vanntechs Web Studio brings the user-friendly and simple admin dashboard to you. You can save your time, your resources and operate your business conveniently. 

2. Support your website's SEO effectively

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is known as a method, a strategy that promotes your website on the search engines. Therefore, optimizing your website’s SEO is very important, which affects how you can communicate and reach directly to your customers.

Understanding the importance of SEO to your website, Vanntechs Web Studio has a hotel website design that supports your Website’s SEO. You don’t need to be an SEO expert, but you can still promote and boost your website to be on first page of Google search engine.

Vanntechs Web Studio helps to optimize your SEO on each category, each product detailed page. You can customize the title tag (title), the description (meta description) and the URL of your website’s pages, add alt tags of images. 

In addition, your hotel business website will have an SSL security certificate installed, which helps Google prioritize your rankings in search engine results. Vanntechs Web Studio will optimize SEO heading tags and we prepare a tool installed on your website for you to customize. 


Thanks to our website designing with SEO in mind, your website will easily rank high in Google search results.

3. Mobile responsive - your website will be displayed on all devices

In order to have a professional display on all smart devices, Vanntechs Web Studio integrate mobile responsive technology when designing your hotel business websites. Therefore, no matter what types of devices your customers use, your website will be displayed in their best form, from the screen of your phone, your tablets, laptops or desktops…

When your customers can easily see your information, your images on any devices they use, they will appreciate your professionalism than if your website is only displayed well on a few devices.

4. Monitor your website's activities

Without a website, tracking your business’s activities is based on the number of customers who come to your hotel, or based on the data provided by famous hotel booking platforms such as Trip Advisor. However, when designing a professional hotel website, you will be able to track the number of customers who are interested in your hotel. 

Vanntechs Web Studio’s hotel website design integrates your website with Google Analytics in your admin dashboard, so you will easily track your website report data such as how many people access your website, the number of bookings… which will help you quickly understand your business situation. You will have a proper business plan to boost sales for your hotel business.

5. Fast and helpful Customer Support Team

Any hotel business owners who purchase a website design service would likely to get their questions answered by the support team from their cooperating website design company. If you used to purchase  the website design service before, are you being looked after?

If you are not supported by your website design company’s customer support team, when you face any challenges about your website, you will find it very difficult to solve. If you are not provided with a careful training documentation, there will lead to many problems that you didn’t expect before.

Understanding this, Vanntechs Web Studio has a strong customer support team to answer your questions, provide guidelines that you don’t know well to help you use the website more simply and easily. The document includes videos, support channels and answers for frequently asked questions…

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100% Vanntechs Web Studio's websites will be set up with SSL certificate for free. This will protect your website, which will rank your website higher on search engines.

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