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Local Listing Optimization

Google Map is one of the most popular area when your potential customers search about your services. Google Map places top 7 local businesses relevant to your potential customers, directly next to a map of the local area. There are only 7 spots available per page. This is a laser precision marketing. Your clients are looking for you!

Google Local Listing Optimization

This is where we are going to place your business. You will see the results for “Web studio in Montreal” keyword that lists your company on the top of a front-page, under the map. Each of top 7 businesses have their name, phone number, and link to their website.


Sponsored Links

Pay-per-click or adwords are shown in the top area on the first page. This is the fastest way to rank your website on the top and attract web visitors to be your potential clients.

Organic Listing

These are the websites found below the local business listings “Maps”. In order for your web-site to rank on the first few pages of Google or any search engine, a full search engine optimization (SEO) campaign must be developed. This is a timely and costly process.

SEO Audit report on your website

Full Report SEO Techniques

Your website must be maintained to be healthy, like humans. We always keep you update about your website’s heath and any errors that it has. We will keep you update once we fix all of errors and how your site’s health and your site’s rank improve.

Analyse your competitors

What you can learn from your competitors? We can learn their keywords and the way they set up their marketing and advertising campaign. We analyse and set up a report to show your rank with your competitors.

Web Ranking Report for Vanntechs at the beginning

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