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Step 1

Tell us what you need

Start by creating a simple project brief.

You’ll get a public ticket ID which is delivered to your email. You can check the ticket’s status by visiting our site.

You’ll get a free estimate. Once agreed, we will gather our team to work closely with you on your project.

  • Only take you a couple minutes
  • Capture your project specs
  • Sign off for the proposal and we can start.
Step 1
Step 2

Work with our developers

Our team gets started on your project. We keep you updated via the tickets dashboard. With one of ticket ID, you can view all statuses of all tasks that need to be done. You will be the person to verify and approve or request changes for each task.

  • Simple, friendly communication
  • Direct access to the developer assigned
  • Prompt replies to revisions and changes.
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Step 3

Finalize your project

And we will sign off to close the project. We will support you for free within 3 months after we close the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If it's possible with website development that you can find from other websites, we can do it. WordPress theme customization, custom theme sections, fixes to code and images and much more.

Every project estimates comes with a clear timeline. We are quicker to assess and start projects because we have our developers in house, for quicker communication and execution of projects.

Our project estimate starts at CA$70/hour, and we provide different website development plans at here.

If you complete several projects with us, you'll experience added values as our relationship evolves.

You may add to the project scope or open a new project support. We will assess the new requirements and provide an estimate. Some added requirements still belong to the "in progress" project and is not complex  then we can do it for free for you. If the project is no more in progress, then we may need to estimate and start the project again.

As long as you keep the same email when you started your ticket, together with one of public ID sent to your email, then you can view the history of tickets created for you/by you. 

If the website is developed by WordPress and with a theme builder, a user later can change some basic designs of the site (such as a button's color, a button's title, adding a blog posts, change the logo image, change the banner and so on...).

If the website is rarely modified by the business owner (such as informative website, a landing website..) then the site can be developed by HTML/Javascript only for the affordable price, then a user cannot change the site's content on their own. In that case, Vanntechs Web Studio is happy to help.

100% Vanntechs Web Studio's websites will be set up with SSL certificate for free. This will protect your website, which will rank your website higher on search engines.

However, you must provide us the access to your server hosting (with your support to point your domain to the hosting server) in order to install the SSL certificate for you. 

When the site is completed and approved by you, we will need to migrate your new website from our hosting server to your hosting server. Vanntechs Web Studio offers the option to host your website in our server with an annual/monthly fee, however, we will strongly recommend to choose your own hosting server to host your website. 

The migration will take time with complex technical skill that if you ask any other vendors, it surely takes you quite a cost. Doing your website with us, we will support that hassle process for free.

Once the website is ready for the reviewing, you will be given a website URL that you can use to review your new website and test all functionalities that are needed. 

You can give us 3 times of revision. The review includes:

  1. If there are any bugs/errors, any broken links in the new site.
  2. If you want to change the site's content such as the button title, the page title, the description and so on..
  3. If you want to tackle and change the button's color, change the position of buttons, change the icon here and there, and so on..

After 3 times of revision, if you need to add more changes, we support by adding tickets to our dashboard, which will charge you $CA89/hour.

When developing your website with Vanntechs Web Studio, we will give the technical support for free 3 months after the site is published on your hosting server. After that, if you need any other support, you can add task which will charge CA$89/hour later.

If your website is developed with Search Engine Optimization in mind, it will be optimized for Google or Bing search engines. The site is easily displayed and ranks higher when someone searches about your business keywords.

In order to develop a website, you will need a domain, a hosting server, products and content images to publish on your website.


What Clients Say About Us

"As the chief developer, she has readily fulfilled her responsibilities of developing the online platform within the given timeframe."

Tan Guang Lin Founder of Skillshub

"The final product was very functional, tasteful and aesthetically nice to look at. I already recommended them to other customers and I think that would be the best testimonial and the ultimate recognition."

Cuong Ngo Manager at PuRattan

"I am so grateful to Vanessa for making my web site! It's a dream come true! She is very professional, flexible and accommodating! She has an ear to listen carefully and execute the job within the time line or even faster! She is obviously very passionate about her job and that makes all the difference!"

Juliana Erimina Founder of Spa Groomtopia

"They are creative and put a lot of time into the project, which was awesome."

Nic Hanlon Owner & Operator, Canadian Shieldes

"The team members have great creative minds!"

Anna Luu Nguyen Huong Xua - Vietnamese restaurant owner

"The efficacity and rapidity of execution were impressive."

Carlos A Morales Founder of CartNinja

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