SEO Package Service

Our WordPress website maintenance with SEO Package to boost your website’s ranking on Google Search Engine, attract leads and sales.

Web Optimization Concept Design

We help you generate online traffic / leads / sales using SEO

Owning a beautiful website is just a first step on your business journey. You must do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you want your customers find you on the search engine.

Maintaining your website to follow SEO standards need a lot of technical skills, as well as your website’s content must be refresh regularly. 

Leads/Sales Generation Package

Take Off

  • Submit your site to Google Search Engine
  • Set Up Google Business Listing
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Set Up Google Analytics
  • 1 SEO Audit Report Weekly
  • Content Updates
  • Update WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Keywords research
  • Competition analysis
  • Website's ranking analysis
  • 5 social posts update
  • 2 blog posts with hot keywords (1000 words)
  • Add Blog Post (Top up $40/post: 1000 words with French translation)
  • Bilingual French and English translation
  • Licensed high-quality stock images


  • Include "Take Off" package
  • Internal linkage
  • Google Ads set up and monitor
  • Google Ads Management
  • Every day social post (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
  • 2 blog posts with hot keywords per week

Our services

Why you need to do SEO for your website?

Owning a beautiful website is not enough to attract visitors and increase sales for your business. SEO techniques and content are the most important factors to boost your website’s ranking on search engines.


Drive website traffic, leads, conversions and increase sales.


Your website’s content, your social network posts will encourage your clients to make a purchase.


More people will know your business.More people will mention about your brand and leave good reviews for you.


We never leave our clients alone. We are here to help. Constantly update our clients with our SEO reports.

SEO Audit report on your website

We give you the full report about your website's SEO techniques.

Your website must be maintained to be healthy, like humans. We always keep you update about your website’s heath and any errors that it has. We will keep you update once we fix all of errors and how your site’s health and your site’s rank improve.

Your website must be on the top search page

Imagine your potential customers search about your products or service in your local area and they can find your business on Google Maps. Imagine your website ranks on the first several pages. Your website will attract more leads and convert them to be your customers.

Search engine home page


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC – Pay Per Click) is one of the most cost-effective ways of providing visits to your website through online advertising. Our PPC service ensures that your business is always one step ahead of your competition. Improved studies combined with consistently clear traffic tracking reports will yield optimal results.

Analyse your competitors

What you can learn from your competitors? We can learn their keywords and the way they set up their marketing and advertising campaign. We analyse and set up a report to show your rank with your competitors.

Web Ranking Report for Vanntechs at the beginning
Social media

Promote your business with Sociak networks

Today, most people own an account on at least one social network that makes it a place to gather a large number of potential customers. Opportunities for sales, brand promotion and creating competitive advantage seem to be unlimited. Vanntechs Web Studio’s communication strategy can promote brand awareness, lead visitors to the site and ensure the goal of increasing sales.

Last but not least, your content

Content is the most effective long-term SEO tactic that you should focus on if you want your website to be on the top page longer. We offer a full writing assistant service and included in our monthly SEO package with 2 blog posts per month. You can read more about our writing process.