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Restaurant Website Development

If a restaurant has a beautiful website, it can attract more customers every day. A restaurant site normally describes accurately its location, its menu, and cuisine. A top restaurant website could help to convince you of a great deal. From a guest’s perspective, what can I learn about a cafe or a restaurant from your website? How do I get absolutely positive if I choose your restaurant and I will have a terrific time there with my family? A restaurant web design is a reflection of the quality of its food and service. A poorly website is designed will not people a feeling to visit.

Vanntechs is proud to be a Quebec, Montreal web studio to design websites for many restaurants and cafes. We will help you to create a mouth-watering and eye-catching website, attract your customers and develop a strategic digital marketing method. As a result, your restaurant can be advertised to your guests effectively.


1. Benefits from your restaurant website designed

1.1 Communicate with your customers faster

According to Nielsen, 69% of people decide to checkout after discovering all choices on the Internet. Therefore, if you invest in designing on your website, what is going to happen?

Your customers now can search your restaurant’s name or your famous dishes on the searching pages and they can find your website in thousands of other choices. The fact that having a restaurant website will positively impact their choices over you.

1.2 Your website represents your professionalism

You create an effective website that draws people in. If a person has never been to your restaurant before, your website is their first impression. That’s why it’s important for your website to highlight all the great qualities about it. The purpose of your restaurant website design should not only increase awareness of your restaurant but also to give potential customers a sense of what they would experience.

1.3 Efficient procedure to make an appointment

here are many ways to book a reservation for a dinner, for example, to call directly to a restaurant, book an online reservation via social networks like Facebook, book a reservation via a third-party website like Yelp… An online booking form is very useful if reservations in your restaurant are required. This saves hours that your staff would normally spend on the phone. It prevents mistakes from communication and it allows your staff to focus on other tasks. It also makes it easy for potential customers to make a reservation when they are in a place where they can’t talk on the phone. As we have seen, designing a restaurant website can bring an easier and modern online booking method – easier for your customers and more importantly, you will never miss any online orders when your website always update to you on time. Moreover, based on your online booking form, you can have meaningful statical data to have a general view to see which periods your customers often come, the positions that your loyal customers wish to sit, number of customers that your loyal customers always go with… hence, your customer services will be professional in your customers perspectives.

2. Features that you must have on your website

2.1. Responsive design – Your restaurant website must be able to display on different smart devices

Nowadays, people can possess any smart devices to update their news faster and more conveniently. What are the most popular types of smart devices people use?

Smartphones – this is the first smart digital device that most people own at least one nowadays. In 2019, 28 million active mobile internet users in Canada as of January 2019 and 33% of online traffic in Canada is generated through mobile phones. Laptops and notebooks.. are the second most popular smart devices supporting people in their work and information discovery.

Every day, each person spends many hours to connect with these two types of smart devices to update their knowledge and information. As a result, a restaurant web design cannot ignore the mobile responsive feature so your restaurant site can be displayed on as many smart devices screens as possible.

2.2. Upload your images – information easily

The fact that each customer cares about looking for a restaurant is: Food in your restaurant is eye-catching and delicious? Your restaurant is clean, beautiful and has enough space for a family dinner? Your menu is always be updated? Your customer service quality is high? In order to answer these questions, your restaurant needs to have a website design listing high-quality pictures and mouth-watering descriptions such as your dishes ingredients, spaces, your offering quality… so your customers can have a correct view about your restaurant before visiting. In addition, the structure you arrange on your restaurant website is very important in attracting your potential customers. If your images are high-quality and present your dish in a creative way, there are chances that your visitors will be more inclined to make a reservation. Don’t forget to include images of your interior because they can help customers portray the atmosphere of your restaurant.

2.3. Online booking form

For a restaurant website, the most important feature is to make sure the procedure to make a reservation from your online booking form is easy and smooth. Designing a restaurant website should implement online booking progress easy for customers. Sometimes, a restaurant site can have only an online chat live to communicate directly with your visitors. The chat live feature supports you and your customers to communicate directly on your website in real-time, which saves time on both parties. Customers can ask you information that they wonder about and exchange with their online reservation, so you can easily make a deal if you have a chat live widget on your restaurant website.

2.4. SEO Optimization

Optimizing SEO when designing and developing your restaurant website will increase your website’s ranking on Google search. If your restaurant website ranks on the first page, the chance that your potential customers see you and visit your restaurant is high. Therefore, optimizing SEO on your website is extremely important, because it helps you to be displayed in front of your potential customers. For instance, if a customer types a keyword on Google Search “Mexican restaurant in Montreal” and your restaurant website is listed on the first 3 websites, here is a high chance a customer will visit your restaurant.

3.Design your restaurant website professionally with Vanntechs

3.1. Eye-catching restaurant website designs – mobile responsive

Depending on your restaurant’s personality and your personal taste, it takes time to select a favorite website design for your store. For example, some restaurants define their characteristics as traditional, classic, luxurious… which means you must select a suitable website design to harmonize your brand and your style. Vanntechs understands the psychology and demand of a restaurant owner, we invest our time in designing a professional restaurant website with our hundreds of different WordPress and WooCommerce themes from our trusted partners. In order to improve our customer service quality and bring the best user experience to our clients, Vanntechs never stops updating, improving and crafting more creative and eye-catching web designs. In addition, at this moment when the number of people using smart devices increases dramatically, you must definitely own a professional restaurant website to be in front of your potential customer eyes when they look for your services. Our restaurant website designs use mobile responsive technology to help your website be optimized on all smart devices.

3.2. Provide a fast speed in loading and rendering your website

If your website is very slow to be rendered on your visitor’s screen, users will be impatient to click “Exit” from your website and evaluate your professionalism low. Page Speed is used by Google to evaluate your restaurant website’s ranking on their Google Search results. Google defines these criteria on their Webmaster blog. Vanntechs possesses a huge WordPress and WooCommerce themes that are evaluated more than 80 scores on PageSpeed Insights, so you don’t need to worry if you work with us.

3.3. Support the online booking feature

Vanntechs designs your restaurant website with a table reservation feature. Your website will have an online booking form and a live chat widget, so when your visitors read your restaurant menu, they can make a reservation by filling a form or they can chat with you to ask for more information. This is a modern way to close more deals and attract more new customers to your restaurants, comparing to the traditional reservation method. Your customers can fill their basic information on the booking form, and you can arrange the table for them easier and faster. Moreover, designing a restaurant website with an online booking feature will help you and your staff observe and get a general picture of which period that customers often come, how many customers in each period, the demand of your customers.. so your restaurant operating activities will be managed more efficiently. Your customer’s service will be improved and especially you will never miss any customers.

3.4. Optimize SEO

In order to attract more customers, especially in the F&B industry which is very competitive, your restaurant website needs to rank high in Google search.

As a common behavior, most customers search for some information that will stop at the first top 5 to 7 websites on the Google search. Therefore, if your restaurant website ranks on the first page, the ratio of customers click to view your restaurant is very high.

But, designing a beautiful restaurant website is enough to be on the top? In order to build a stable position for your restaurant website on Google, you must optimize your site’s SEO:

Optimize your website’s title and description optimize your URLsInstalling a secure certificate SSL on your site optimized and write more content with hot keywords related to your restaurant. Optimize your pages healing optimize your images and videos ALT (which is the description of what your photos are talking about)

Understanding these basic SEO Optimization steps, Vanntechs designs your restaurant website maximizing all the above SEO characteristics:

When building your website, we provide documentation to let you modify your page’s title, description, meta tags and optimize how it will be described on Google. Moreover, we offer you a FREE SEO Audit report including on your restaurant website development package. All websites developed by Vanntechs will be installed with a secure SSL for free. You can upload and modify your website’s content such as text, videos, pictures, slide… In order to optimize SEO in the best way, your post’s content should include keywords in the first 100 words. We will install the Yoast SEO plugin on your website. Our restaurant web designs follow web responsive technology so your website is viewed best on all devices screens such as laptops, tablets or smartphones.



3.5. Varied website’s applications

In order to optimize your restaurant website, you may need more plugins or apps to fit your business needs. Vanntechs supports you to install thousands of Shopify apps on your store.

There are many meaningful apps to enhance your user experience such as:

  • Offer you with SEO Optimization such as Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Offer you to support customers in real-time such as real-time live chat
  • and so one…

3.7. Professional customer support service

Our mission is always “Our client’s business is our business”, Vanntechs always be ready to support and answer all questions from our client to bring to you the best experience. What will you gain when working with us for designing a restaurant website from Vanntechs? We support our customers by our hearts: each question that you face when you use your website, you can contact us via our website’s live chat, or submitting a contact form, or send to us an email, your request will be on our queuing ticket and will be solved as soon as possible.
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Beautiful WordPress restaurant web designs developed by Vanntechs

We work with many trusted partners to come up with modern and creative website designs every month. If you are our clients, you can access our library with many themes for you to choose from.

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