Google AdWords is easy to get started and is difficult to master. However, if you can master Google AdWords , you can dramatically increase your customers number and sales of your website.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising network that allows customers to bid on keywords. When a potential customer sees your ad, she or he can click on it and it is taken to your website. With Google AdWords, you can set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click your ads. We can assist and support you with Google AdWords, together with your website SEO optimization.

How can we assist you in growing customers base with Content Marketing

Google AdWords is a fast way to attract customers to your online shop. In addition, content marketing is also important and necessary to boost your online store’s rank on the first page.

We offer a monthly marketing service for your online business. Our services include:

  • Website SEO Optimization: we will filter out hot keywords for your website and focus on them to make your online store searchable and ranks on the first page.
  • Content marketing: Based on hot keywords searching, we will focus on writing blogs and posts that attract potential audience to your store. 10 posts with french translation is included on the package. $20 add-on per post afterwards.
  • Social network publishing: To remember when and how to post popular posts on your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… is very troublesome. We understand that our merchants are very busy with their customer services and operating activities. Leave this tasks to us. We understand when your customers read social networks and post your content on that time.

All of the above services are only USD 300 per month. We always work to make things move on.