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What we do

We are a small Montreal web agency. We build powerful, flexible and customizable eCommerce websites and eCommerce apps that make your online presence more powerful. Whether you want to set up your online store, or increase your sales, or build up your reputation, or attract more customers or audiences to your sites, we can consult and work together with you to bring out your business’s full potentiality.

We are helping our clients when:

  • Our customers have a high awareness that digital presence is very important but they don’t know where and how to start. We will help them understand the up-front costs, online strategic methods to attract customers and how it can help them in getting more sales.
  • Web development is our expertise so we can consult and help you with all related technical stuffs. You can forget about how complicated and challenging technical skills needed to create their digital presence and leave that part to us. You now can invest their time in products and services.

1. Start - Your business journey

From finding a business idea, buying a domain, creating your own brands and all business knowledge with foundation, we will always assist you with our huge resources and business tutorials.

We compare all IT solutions and choose the best option for you.

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2.Sell - Develop an online store to sell everywhere

We have built over 50 different sites, from basic templates to customized and feature rich. We look for ways to keep things simple and minimize external applications.

We offer developing your online store in 2 platforms:

  • WordPress and WooCommerce: WordPress and WooCommerce integration is a platform that provides merchants around the world the open source and fully customizable solutions to build and host websites. We offer a service to set up and build WordPress with WooCommerce integration based on thousands of themes provided by our trusted partners. After the development and launch phase which normally costs from USD 200 to USD 600, we offer a free maintenance service for 90 days, together with hosting fee only USD 7 per month.
  • Shopify starts their business in 2006 and now it has been more than 100,000 merchants around the world uses this platform to set up their online store. We provides a Shopify set up store service. You can select more than 200 Shopify themes from their theme market place, and together with more than 1000 themes from our trusted partners. Hosting and maintenance services will be provided by Shopify platform with only USD 29 per month. Our service fee is only USD 200 including 10 hours of working.

Vanntechs Inc provides expert coding for Shopify or WordPress theme adjustments. Whether you need custom javascript piece of code for your shop, or a complex app, we provide services at a very reasonable cost to you.

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3. Scale - everything

  • When you cannot find the perfect app to help you run your business with the Shopify platform, Vanntechs Inc can build it for you.
  • When you cannot find the customized WordPress plugin to assist your business specific requirements, Vanntechs Inc can build it for you.
  • When you have a great business idea, such as you want to build a light customized CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or a customized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), or just a small application to make a booking for your store, Vanntechs Inc can design, consult and build it for you.

From Shopify apps, WordPress plugins development to a fully customize building from the ground up, we can provide it all for you.

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4. Market - Your business

When your online store is built and published, it’s time to start getting customers! One of the best ways to do that is advertising with Google AdWords. There are number of ways you can do that: text ads, image ads, re-targeting ads. We provide content marketing which is writing your blogs with hot keywords to make your online store ranks on the first page.

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Shopify store set up

Consult and install Shopify theme
Matching domain name with Shopify store. Support with buying a shop domain.
Data entry or migrate content from old site.
Free maintenance 90 days after publishing day.
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Customized Web App Development

Consult and design your app's wireframe and workflow.
Design based on confirmed wireframe with Photoshop and Illustrator.
Develop and do alpha / beta testing application on development store.
Publish the app and support installing app on your online website.
Offer free maintenance after 90 days. Offer hosting and maintenance service after publishing your app. (Price varied based on your app's scope).
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Wordpress and WooCommerce store set up

Consult with thousands Wordpress themes from trusted partner.
Install and set up Wordpress website with selected themes.
Data entry for website content or migrate data from old store.
Free maintenance and host website 90 days after publishing.
Host, set up domains with SSL security certificates for your shop.
Support migrate Wordpress site to your own hosting server or you can select to host your website with us with only USD 7 per month.
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Need a customize quote?

We understand that all packages are compatible with all businesses. Please send us a message about your application and we will get back with our best proposal to you!
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Marketing and Branding your store

Website checking for SEO optimization
Offer 10 digital content posts
Offer 10 translated digital content posts from english to french.
Set up Google Ads consulting service.
Set up social network platforms to brand your store.
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Let’s talk about how we can help with your business idea and how we can boost your digital presence. Our priority always remains the same: to help companies maximize their marketing ROI, accelerate their customers growth, and gain a lasting competitive edge in their industry.

If you require a NDA before discussing about your project, we can provide a mutual NDA upon request. If you have a RFP for a project, sends us a document or any deadlines or instructions.